Play it again Sam.....

I'm plannng to join a tour through Morocco next April and would appreciate tips/advice from the learned travellers of YLC please.


If youre joining a tour then they will take you to the most common tourists sites in Casablanca , Fez and Marakesh, theough the medieval township and souks/markets

Probably include a camel desert track or caravan track through the sahara , just for the experience if youre keen. 

if you havent been to any of the arabic or north african countries like egypt or tinisia, you will love it. -a truly sensory experience of sight , smells and culture

have a great trip

Many thanks for the advice Raphael.

I loved my time in Morocco...granted it was 1971...I well remember wearing a mini skirt on a bus and the ladies all cracking up laughing.   In retrospect it was laughable  LOL.


did you take the marakesh express.

they sold great quality hashish on the train, probably no more now


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