Peter Dutton's citizenship test fails


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's proposed citizenship test has been nixed by the Senate.

Migrants wanting to become Australians will have their applications will be processed under the current rules.

In what is being seen as a major backdown from the Federal Government, which earlier this year announced proposed changes to make it harder for migrants to become Australians.

It would have meant that required applicants live in Australia for four years on permanent residency visas and demonstrate "competence" in English.


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Unemployment at over 6% and they are bringing in migrants to fill what jobs?


5.5% is still less than 6 , even if you dont speak english

3.9 in Sydney and we are so short of tradies they are flying in.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS), the proportion of Australians who were born overseas, currently at 6.6 million people, has hit its highest point in 120 years. This corresponds to nearly a third of Australia's population. Pushing a bit further, almost half of all Australians were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was. In fact, virtually no Australians alive today can dispute having at least one foreign ancestor. We are a nation of migrants.


Still the present debate on immigration rests on newcomers. More specifically, whether or not new migrants net contribute to overall living standards. Fortunately, we also have data on that.


According to the 2015 IGR, about 88 per cent of migrants are aged under 40 years, as opposed to only 54 per cent of resident Australians; almost half of newcomers are aged 20-34 years versus only one in five resident Australians. Migrants are mainly young and at their prime working age.


In November 2013, the ABS released a survey on the characteristics of recent migrants. Of those who obtained Australian citizenship since arrival, the labour participation rate was 77 per cent, which is above the national average rate of about 65 per cent. Claims that migrants are a net pressure on welfare payments do not stack up. Migrants are likely to be working.


The Department of Immigration also has some interesting statistics on the current migration programme. Of the last 190,000 places available in Australia's Migration Programme, more than two thirds corresponded to skilled migration, where deeply-valued human capital needs to be demonstrated before receiving residency. That is Australia's biggest free-ride in the most sought-out form of capital investment. Migrants generally have high levels of human capital.


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There's no point in even attempting to argue with an idiot.

Lefty comments are obviously coming from those who live under rocks.

I'm a Rightie and I know we should thank the migrants for helping to build this great country for the bogans to mess up time and time again.

Do you have an opinion on the topic..

Yep, sure have. Welcome the migrants, they help to build this country and we need them. 

Now go away.

That is not the topic 

1,000,000 people living in Australia cannot speak english. Is it a good idea to encourage an increase to this number?

I know a lot of Australians born here who can't speak good English never mind 

read or write it.

Pete Brock and Raff come to mind on this subject although pete's a pom






Peter Brock was born in Richmond Victoria 


Yep but Pommie Pete Brocky is a pom

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