Pet food recall, is your pet at risk?

Mars Petcare is recalling a limited number of My Dog Beef & Liver 100g 12-packs due to the potential presence of plastic which entered the food during the production process. The only product affected is batch code 84901WOD51 BEST BEFORE: 06 DEC 2020.

A spokesperson for Mars Petcare said the company has not received any reports of injury or illness associated with the affected product, but believed it was right to recall the product.

“We encourage consumers who have purchased affected product to discard the food or return it to the retailer for a full refund or exchange,” the company said in a statement. 

“Affected product was distributed to retailers throughout Australia and we are working with them to ensure that the recalled products are removed from the shelf.

“We understand that this recall may be concerning for pet owners, however no other My Dog varieties or batches are affected by the recall, and owners will still be able to find unaffected product on shelf.

The individual trays and the six-pack are not affected. If consumers have disposed of the box and believe their trays came from a 12-pack, they can check the best before date on the side of the tray. If the date stamp is 061220, this tray may be affected and should be discarded or returned to the retailer.

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Multi nationals have much to answer for. Mars Petcare included now. I used to feed my dogs My Dog, Good O, Lucky Dog, Smackos and other assorted supermarket brand petcare products. I believe the lack of real nutrition in these products and all those hidden preservatives and other nasties killed two of my dogs with stomach cancer. I switched to healthier products I found online but it was too late for my beloved Pepsie and Chloe. I am hoping that my two current dogs benefit from this far healthier food and treats and live a long life.

  Apparently this food has been contaminated with plastic

How would an owner know if their dog had eaten food with  plastic untill too late ?

One must wonder just how many dogs die from manufactured dog food without anybody ever finding out

A friend of mine from Dubbo related to me that her grandson worked in a pet manufacturing company and the ingredients that went in were disgusting.

Best to prepare your own Pet Food if you love your pet.

owning a pet is almost out of reach of pensioners now

Especially if they feed their pets with manufactured food .... it is very expensive.

i used to buy MY DOG for my pooch while she was here,    but she mostly ate what we ate,    chicken,  lamb,   steak,      i still dont know what actually killed my baby,     just that she was bleeding internaly,   god forbid that it was the food,    


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