Pensioners vote

The media is working, amazing to see how it influences the majority and the media is who controls us...and how we vote.

OK so pensioners got an increase. Wonder if the Libs would have done that? OK our surplus has gone, but where did it come from? The workers? And what position has it put us in? Better than most countries.

Work choices...where a boss can sack you for no reason. That's a good one, won't that be nice to see back.

I am not for any political party in particular, I just look and see actions. Everyone was down on Whitlam remember that? I do, very well. OK he might have spent more than he should but then we got Medicare ... and free education.

I think it was Fraser that put in the means test in order to obtain pensions.

Basically we all should vote for who, ultimately is going to do the best for us and for our situation and country also. Don't listen to the media and who they are trying to influence you to vote for. They are directed by their own bosses I believe and impartiality is a joke.

Shame we don't have a Don Chipp any more to "keep the bastards honest".


Hear hear to that Harmony


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