pensioners doing it hard

yes to all comments below saying how hard it is to live on $270.00 per week,
i am prepared to send mr rudd an e-mail each day,someone tell me his e-mail address and we can all start
i would also suggest we bombard all west australian federal polly's of either party or persuasion,it is no good just sitting and complaining we need action i am prepared to meet with any persons who want to set up an action
just heard on the radio that the treasurer says no action until end of financial year 2009,we could all be dead
as a result of no heat no food no outings no any bloody thing,what a smug man as he strolls around in his armani suits,COME ON WE CAN DO IT


I would also like to have the e-mail address of the Prime Minister and his Armani Suited Treasurer so I could sent them a message each and every day. Something like " when will the next year come about" is it like tomorrow that never comes.

Kevin Rudd has been PM for 6 months and pensioners are protesting because he didn't raise pensions.... Where have these people been the last 11 years? He has already raised the utilities allowance and will give us the $500 dollars in July, the one off payment John Howard gave in the lead up to the election...... The PM has delayed the pensioner rise pending the Ken Henry inquiry, do these people really think we will have money taken off us? I think it's a safe bet we will get get a decent rise and we have been promised it will be adjusted with the CPI index.


brian 1933 RE E-MAIL KEVIN RUDD GO TO for MR RUDD and submit message MR SWAN also to send an opinion


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