Does anyone know if there will be a pension increase this month? The CPI for the Quarter ending June was 0.8%.

Either there will be none or they will find some way to minimise it.

David C




Probably not worth worrying about David ,just a couple of dollars isn't going to make much difference 

Never does make a difference. The last rise of $8.45p.f. went towards my rental increase of $50 p.f. so left me $41.55 behind the * ball and this expected rise will not even cover the loss from that.

Age Pensioners should be bought into line with all other assistance recipients and receive at least $750 a week to bring up to them out of the poverty loop.

ImOKJack, if they granted us a $41.55 increase there would be widespread dancing in the streets.  My advice for what it's worth, don't hold your breath and don't put your life on hold waiting.  There are only three certainties in life at present, death, taxes, and Morrison being there for another three years.  So the misery continues.

I'm sure it will be the usual around $7-8 nothing substantial

I just checked my Centrelink payment record on my MyGov account.

Tomorrow's payment [02/09/21] and the payment shown for 16/09/21 are both the same as the last 5 payments shown on that page, so unless an increase comes on 30/09/21 [my payment date/s], it won't happen this time around.

You'll have to wait until our Praying Minister has asked the great big shrouded cloud in the sky and had a reply.

Maybe you believe in fairies, our Praying Minister does.

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What an embarrassment   AND A WORRY  to see a leader of a country doing such as this!

I question his sanity

PlanB, if you found a watch on the ground, would you think that it suddenly appeared out of no-where having come together by itself from metallic ore in the ground - or would you believe it had created and put together by a watchmaker?

ScoMo, myself, and all genuine Christians believe the universe and everyone and everything in it was created by Creator God!

It is NOT our sanity that needs questioning! Ha! Ha! Ha!


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