Peanut sauce PLEASE

Does anyone have a recipe for a nice peanut sauce please--I have bought the ones in the jars from the supermarket BUT they have a real sharp taste to them and didn't like them at all. I would like one that tastes like peanut with no sharp taste at all.

Ever grateful if you can let me have one. Thanks

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We also have bought the wrong ones but a time back now Clay.

Jane we have never used peanut in cooking main meals before but to us Jimmys tasted very nice and I will use it up and also buy it again. I do not think you would think it tart as we found it smooth

I hope you will buy it when you can. I have never (should have by now that's for sure) used or ever bought coconut milk so I will as you have spoken of it.


We have been gardening today and our garden is looking lovely. We are not using too much water either as this year we have had rain - sorry to those who have not. Even our naturestrip is lovely and green regardless we are not allowed to water it.


Peter has been diagnosed with emphysema

even though he gave up smoking 18 years ago so anyone smokes well worth giving it away.

We were told he may have a blood clot but after all the tests he has emphysema but at least we know why he has the problems with breathing he has been having.

Now we know will make sure he stops doing so much before he gets unable to breathe. as I want to keep him :)

All the best (yes I know I went off topic again but I know Jane will not mind and it is her topic) :)


Peter has been diagnosed with emphysema


I am so sorry to her that Phyl--warm thoughts are with you and Peter :(

Glad you liked the sause--I have used the coconut cream and milk b4 in curries--I get Rogan Josh--paste and it is noce for winter

Well I made the peanut sauce with Peanut butter and coconut cream and just a bit of the Taylors Sartay Sauce --to taste--and it was perfect

Yummy..... Jane. What did you have it with? Did you have guests?

I cooked it with chicken and rice at my Stepdaughters place when I went to Sydney to see her

We bought 5 kilos of chicken breast at IGA at Churchill last week so I have

a pile of chicken breast so we will have chicken and rice with peanut sauce

tonight as it is quite cool here today (lovely rain all night) Yes Bev. we have

the o'head ducted heating on this morn. :roll: @ us.

The chicken was just $7 a kilo which was a good bargain and our kitties

eat it also. Good to have a big freezer.

Off today to see the best price we can get on a stainless steel fridge.

We had the kitchen done before Christmas and albeit our 20 year old

fridge is still going well it really looks a bit sad in our lovely new area.

We will use her in another room and make sure she keeps happy (Good

ole girl)

Happy Monday all.


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