Pauline Hanson Exposes Australia Post Scandal

This is the government's way of selling off Aust Post -- privatising yet another taxpayer-owned business

Christine Holgate supporters sent $5 notes to Scott Morrison. What happened to them?



That cow should be sacked and remain so. C Holgate is a liar and a cheat. Sent someone else's cheque and personal details to someone overseas. Turned out to be a hacker. Now this poor woman has had her identity stolen and of course ALL Ministers this woman wrote to and C Holgate, have not bother to correct the problem. This has been dragging on for years. The woman in question has kept ALL correspondence and that must have pizzed off Holgate. Seeing the ass end of her is the best thing to happen, and no more pocketing what does not belong to her. Join the dole queue beetch!


The SMH article is a nonsense. It seems to suggest that somehow there is fraud involved with the Australia Post licensees donations but the only evidence is actually hearsay. Angela Cramp has her suspicions which doesn't amount to a hill of beans whereas mail received at parliament is documented by logging in and if any funds were misappropriated there would be a paper trail.

As to how Holgate has approached this matter, I note that she has changed her tactics. Initially the furore was about four Cartier watches which she claimed were within her remit but when a review concluded the purchase of the watches was inconsistent with obligations imposed by legislation on the Australia Post board she now complains that she was bullied. It's of interest that she chooses to target Morrison when the history of this storm in a teacup is that Kitching started the rot in a senate enquiry by questioning the gifts. Albanese took up the cause and used similar words as Morrison including that Holgate should stand aside. Now Kitching and Albanese appear to have changed sides with Albanese trying to convince people he had no role in the matter even though there is ample video evidence.

The sisterhood who support Holgate are appearing in suffragette white in public which, as a woman, I find offensive. To conflate an error of judgement by Holgate to the struggles of women early in the last century to achieve something we now take for granted is wrong. Holgate broke the rules, she tendered her resignation with no evidence that she was forced to do so and now she appears to regret that decision and wants to lash out at all and sundry.

Must be an election year, Liberal apologists first posters. My only beef is that overnight post now takes 5/10 days, ordinary post four or five days longer, all my cards marked card only were not delivered till the first week in January, I  am lucky if I get a bundle of mail once a week, and some are bills which are alreadt past their pay  by date, and in any event the watches were a bonus for taking over services the banks were desperate  to get rid off so  they can close more branches! So yes, But sho was only following instructions with the reduction in services, so sack the guy who gave her the instructions - Scumo

Yes, Robroy,  I just got a notification that my bank is closing and the nearest one will be 120ks there and back -- not that I have to get to the back much BUT it is a BIG mileage when I have to go

Oh my goodness. Robroy, have you any understanding how Australia Post works? The government provides oversight of Australia Post as a government business enterprise, wholly owned by the Australian Government. The Australia Post Board and management are responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. The PM has nothing to do with your mail.


Hi BeeMee & Sue Ridge,  can you put forward some sites where I can read about what you both say above,  thanks


Well that took a bit to locate as I left the site at the time we were going to move and Co-vid had other plans.

But here it is....this is one posted, but it goes back a long time with all her letters etc posted for all to see she is telling the truth.

Thanks BeeMee, will read that when I get time later on--

And the LPO deal will result in more bank branches closing as people are forced to do their banking business at the Post Office.

Meanwhile back at the Post Office, small businesses who send product around Australia via Australia Post will no longer be able to do so from June because all of a sudden, Australia Post believes sending foodstuffs through the mail is no longer safe under food safety rules. This is a ridiculous situation that could quite easily result in some small providers losing their business. Does it really have to do with food safety or is it all about AP reducing delivery services even further than the twice-a-week delivery they do now? Clearly mailing a slab of cheese through the post is perfectly safe if it delivered within a couple of days. However, with even basic letters taking more than a week to get from one suburb to the next just a few kms away, any perishable foodstuffs could probably make their own way to the destination before AP did the job they are paid to do!

Cartier watches notwithstanding, I'd have far more respect for high flier Ms Holgate had she concentrated on Australia Post's core business of delivering the mail in a timely manner and at reasonable cost than chasing banking business to the detriment of jobs and services in banks to benefit business owners beholden to AP. Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul! And on both counts we the customer of both are disenfranchised yet again.

So who is really being bullied here?

I am not sure when this came about but I did hear that the Post Office used to do one of the banks for withdrawing and depositing money (I think from memory it was the Commonwealth), now they don't.

If you believe anything Pauline says, you are in a bad place. Her own supporters had a go at her yesterday for wearing a facemask with golliwogs. Same old trouble maker.

Pauline Hanson is blasted by her own supporters after wearing a golliwog  face mask | Daily Mail Online


I do agree with you about Pauline Hanson, Sophie, it was just that she was saying something that was different to what had been shown b4



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