Pasta Vegetable Medley

You can twig this to your own liking, the main idea is to make it as colourful as you can.
1 can of corn kernels or use fresh corn off the cobs
slice strips of some red, green, orange and yellow capsicums, as much as you like
chop up a chili or 2, any colour
dice an onion
roughly chopped parsley
chop up a stick of celery and a shallot or 2
250 gms roughly chopped up bacon, take the fat and rind off most but leave a little bit, adds extra flavour
heaped tablespoon of semi sun-dried tomato strips
a couple cloves of crushed garlic
and a tablespoon of olive oil.
First cook up some Fettuccine pasta, you can make a big batch as it can be frozen in portions to heat and eat later, great when you don't feel like cooking, while the pasta is cooking heat the olive oil in a big fry-pan or wok, this part is like a stir fry, start adding your ingredients, garlic, onions, chili's, bacon, capsicums etc giving it a bit of a stir and a toss around after each addition, when the pasta is nearly ready start putting it in with your veges and tossing it around so it all blends together, by the time you have put in the last of the pasta it's ready.


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