Participate in a research study about familiar routines, technology and connectedness

Dear All,


My name is Yasamin Asadi from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and I’m conducting a research study with the goal of creating new technologies to support familiar routines and help people stay connected with their families, overcoming barriers caused by age, cultural or geographical distance.


I would like to invite people who are interested in helping me find a new way for them to connect to their families with everyday household objects.


Please view below recruitment flyer for further details on the study and how to participate.

Should you wish to participate or have any questions, please contact me via email. 


Please note that this study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1600000182).


Many thanks for your consideration of this request.


Yasamin Asadi

MPhil Student

Human-Computer Interaction | Science and Engineering Faculty |

Queensland University of Technology

Phone: +61 420 586 429 | Email: [email protected]





What is the purpose of the research?

The purpose of this research is to explore novel ways of connecting people over distance through smart objects designed to facilitate routine activities. Smart objects are the building blocks of the Internet of Things (IoT): the notion of equipping all objects such as yoghurt pots, shoes and fire hydrants with internet accessible identification and data sharing capabilities. In spite of the enormous publicity (and business expectations) that the IoT is currently receiving, there has been little research into how people can connect, interact with and interrelate through networks of Internet enabled objects. 

We will undertake research with people spanning generations, cultures and geography in order to develop a human centred perspective on smart objects and the IoT.

Are you looking for people like me?

The research team is looking for senior citizens (Australian or International) to interview and help with the design of new technologies to support everyday connectedness. You will be involved in the re-design and improvement of the prototypes (co-design).

What will you ask me to do?

Your participation will involve taking part in one or more of the following activities:

  • An observational study where we will make sense of everyday activities that could better be supported by technology.
  • An interview where we will ask questions about routines and technology.
  • A workshop where we will show new devices to stay connected and ask your feedback.
  • A technology trial where we will ask you to try a new device and keep a diary with your insights and ideas.

Are there any risks for me in taking part?

The research team does not believe there are any risks beyond normal day-to-day living associated with your participation in this research. It should be noted that if you do agree to participate, you can withdraw from participation at any time during the project without comment or penalty.

Are there any benefits for me in taking part?

It is expected that this project will not benefit you directly. However, it may benefit people from extended families and people that live away from their families, for example immigrants, by generating new design principles and technologies to help them maintain connectedness.

Will I be compensated for my time?

To recognise your contribution, should you choose to participate, the research team is offering a $25 voucher with a popular retailer/store (e.g. Woolworths, Target) or equivalent in cash for each activity.

Who is funding this research?

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council however they will not have access to personally identifying information about you that may be obtained during the project.

I am interested – what should I do next?

If you would like to participate in this study, please contact the research team for details of the next step. 
You will be provided with further information to ensure that your decision and consent to participate is fully informed

Yasamin Asadi - [email protected]


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