Parcel delays expected this week with workers striking

Workers from three of Australia's biggest delivery companies StarTrack, FedEx and BevChain are expected to strike for 24 hours on Thursday.

The strike will cause major delays to online shoppers orders and general parcel delivery Australia-wide.

Workers are striking amid demands from The Transport Workers Union (TWU) for better pay and joy security after more than six months of negotiations have failed to reach any agreement for workers with these companies.

Since the start of the pandemic, have you increased the number of parcels delivered to you every month?


If their wives were complaining about how to put food on the table for their families I would agree with them as the cost of living has sky rockets, yesterday I refused to buy tomatoes as they wanted $12 a kgs. So we are going without them.

How can a parent feed their children with a balanced diet the way prices have risen over the last few months?

I sent a parcel via Australia Post last Wednesday Yellow Express which guarantees to get there within 12 hours still hasn't arrived in Melbourne, it's now over a week and I paid extra for postage. 

I Hola, have you got the tracking number for the package?

You can look it up on the net on the Post Offices site it will tell you where it is located.

I sent 2 parcels a day apart earlier this month.... one to Germany & then one to Tasmania (from WA).

The Germany one was delivered 2 days ago, (still not delivered as far as Austpost is concerned!!!!), but the Tasmania one still hasn't been delivered.

Tracking is horrific!!! It doesn't exist from the time it gets scanned when you post it... to the time it reaches it's destination. I've complained so many times and they blame Covid.  The electronic scanners don't get Covid to my knowledge. A very poor excuse for lack of service !!!

I have ordered items from the UK that have been delivered within five days from Eazibuy a NZ firm, the same order date and time also had items from Hobart to be delivered, but they didn't get to me in WA for two weeks!

I think the international post is sent by air and the domestic from shanks pony! 

Placed an order with The Blue Bungalow on Monday and I have just been sent an email to tell me it will be delivered today!    Cannot complain about that, but it is not here as yet.

"Workers are striking amid demands from The Transport Workers Union (TWU) for better pay and joy security"

Wouldn't everyone like 'joy security'?

Frankly, I think the Transport Workers Union,The Painters and Dockers' Union, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, The CFMEU need a good hard look at themselves. They, above all people, have been minimally affected over the last 18 months. They have kept their jobs whilst others have done it really tough. Now that NSW (and other states) are beginning to fully open up, they demand even more for merely doing the job they are paid to do. To now start adding to the stresses of those only now returning to work of any kind is deplorable. How many newly returned to work employees are today losing another day's pay because of the selfishness of train and bus drivers secure in the fact they will get their full pay and a full week's work? On-line shoppers have kept employees of delivery companies such as Star Track, FedEX etc in full work for the last 18 months. Now they winge?

Regardless of whatever merit these people think they may have, they are not doing themselves any favours with this disruptive action. I suspect very little sympathy will be evident in the general population who have lost, hours, jobs and income of any level.

The transport workers are all in such demand that they are being asked to work many extra hours. Little wonder they want better pay and job security when this pandemic is over. The solution might be to employ more people to deliver parcels rather than expect current employees to do more overtime especially when a third of the additional money they earn gets taken from them through additional income tax.


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