Paradise Found

Travelling through Victoria I discovered a piece of paradise - the Lower Ovens Regional Reserve. A forgotten place hidden among gnarled old stands of River Red Gums. It’s where the tiny Ovens river meets the Murray. There is a beautiful confusion of little bays and inlets. All very unkempt. There is a boat ramp and a few fire places. But it’s a quiet spot, not made for large groups or convoys of cars It’s just east of Yarrawonga and ideal for those who are happy with a maximum of nature and minimum of amenities. .
Have added a short clip of it in the video section of my site.
Happy Camping - Klaus and Rusty.
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I've found my own bit of paradise - the beach that is several kilometres long. Hardly a person is prepared to slog up and down the sand hills, but me and my dog do. We enjoy seeing the birds, the porpoises breaking though the waves. We enjoy every day.


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