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Last year I read your article about getting travel insurance for over 80's for my mother travelling with me to Japan.
I spend days following the links and then their links only to find that 99 percent of them DID NOT cover over 80's and the rest had such expensive premiums.
I worked my way down the list until I got to the M's and found mondial which lead me to https://www.worldcare.com.au/
there I found very easily insurance for myself at a quarter of the cost of all the others and my mother paid 3 times what I did, being a saving of over $300 over the least expensive.
Most of the sites would not give you a quote apart from what they charged for an 80 year traveller and the difference was at their discretion.
At this time I wrote a very long and detailed email hoping to save you and all the other over 80's from wading through the rubbish I had to go through.

Why don't you check out the site and give pensioners some decent advice in this area.
I am truly disappointed with your lack or response and then to find you referring 3 site in this weeks newsletter and again no mention on Mondial or WorldCare, which I believe is a disservice to pensioners.

One of the many ironic things that I found out was when I checked World Care is that they were 'underwritten' by Allianz so I checked the Allianz site only to find the exact same website with the same details except by buying via WorldCare the same policy as Allianz I saved my mother over $300.

We live in a sick society that preys on the elder if they can, and to see the senior newsletter have articles that are not correct or helpful to Pensioners, in my opinion, is a disgrace.
Hope you rectify this area and check the WorldCare Link and the Allianze link to compare and if the information is still the same now in February as it was in June last year print the information in all you newsletters to save pensioners a lot of time and frustration.

If I sound frustrated, it is because I am.



[size=3][/size][color=purple][/color] I agree completely with the sentiments provided by Janina. My full year, world wide insurance with this group cost less than my previous four weeks in China with an other insurer. I was 73 at time.

Last October I went to New Zealand, and after much browsing I found Mondial insurance

who charged me standard rate plus $90 age loading. I am 85 yrs old.

Thank you Janine for your letter of complaint. I have been having trouble getting anyone to cover my mother who will turn 86 the day after we leave on our cruise. After reading your letter I rang Worldcare and they will cover anyone as long as they take out their policy before they turn 86, which of course we will have to. I agree with you about Mondial. Both my husband and I have a frequent travellers policy with them and they are much cheaper than anyone else I have found other than Medibank Private and you need to be a member of Medibank Private to get their cheaper rate of course.


I managed to obtain travel insurance for my 86 year old husband last year when he travelled to Europe. It was very inexpensive.

Glad I could be of help, last year we paid for 6 weeks in Japan, $165 for myself and $556 for my mother. This year in again in July we will be paying $236 for myself and $706 for my mother. Japan is probably one of the most expensive insurance coverage. .

Again I am pleased the magazine posted my 'venting' but I noticed or missed in this episode of 05 May 09 that again there is no mention of Mondial or WorldCare and I wonder if this is due to some sort of restrictions.

Maybe instead of writing to Senior people could be directed to ask questions here - they would get answers from people who have been there and done the leg work and actually used the insurance companies so the information should be more accurate.

Blessings to all


Hope to get my mother over to Japan for the next 3 years before she turns 86 so she can see her great grandchildren, as it is too expensive to come here.

PS. Anyone who hasn't used Vietnam Air check them out, we stayed overnight over and back to give my mother a break and we had a fabulous time, first time for mum but 3rd time for me.

If you have a visa gold card they say that you have a free insurance for travel providing you pay for your trip with your card . I have inquired through the bank [commonwealth] and was told there is no age limit . It seems to god to bee true?



That sound interesing, will have to check into that one, depends on interest of course but still handy to know




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