Over 50 villages - what are your views?

I am wondering whether to move into an over 50 village or not. I currently own my own home but would only own the house and lease the land. Would appreciate your views.



Ian, this is a topic which is of interest to me currently.
It pops up on here now and again, and we end up with different ideas, and I still can't make a decision.

I did have more
in the post, but it hasn'ty shown.

Ian, do go on an inspection tour of any villages which might be of interest~~~~~~

They are always happy to show you around~~~~

For the time being, I've decided to stay where I am, as I have everything I need within a few minutes drive~~~

It would be hard getting used to a completely new area~~if you're in Melbourne, you'll find most villages are a fair way out~~

Hi Debbie,

Last year I was considering the same thing and I too used this forum and was amazed at the wonderul constructive replies I received. Of the 4 pages of replies, not one suggested I should move into one for various reasons, but this information helped me in my own research and consequently, I am still living in my own strata plan unit. Because of my financial facilities where I own my unit but rely on the full pension, I discovered that what I needed to look into were the levy costs that each retirement village offers and I found that it was the levies that put me off moving from where I am at present. Of course, for me it was because the levies are influenced by the facilities that are available to its residents and due to health reasons I realised that apart from using their swimming pool I wouldn't be able to use any of the other facilities. So for me, this was what influenced my final decision in not moving. Ring those that you are interested in and have them send out their brochures etc. This will also be a great help to you. Good luck.


The assets of the large Boomer generation are attracting entrepreneurs like a moth to a flame.  There have been many complaints,


You did not say why you are dissatisfied with your present housing.  Perhaps you haven't sat down to compare what you have with what you want and what you might get from a 'over 50s' solution.  Getting independent advice that isn't so general as to be useless is a problem though.

If you have a village in mind is there any way you can spend some time with some of the inhabitants to check it out?  Don't sign anything without independent professional advice  You will pay for advice one way or the other.

Hi Debbie


This subject is not an easy one to resolve for some people and I can understand that having gone through it myself and in fact it crops up again somedays

Our friends in this Your Life Choices web have posted a great deal of information that may help you with a decision and it can be found here


In any event I intend to stay put for a few reasons which are

1...One mostly only pays for a lease to live in the dwelling and they can be as much as $ 4000,000.00 which decreases in value over time so that in 5 years or so only % 65 of what one pays is returned to the estate ......There are cheaper options

2...One pays for a lifestyle and assorted activities are offered at usually a cost of $ 110.00per week

3...You will be living cheek by jowl with others and this may not be a bad thing .....in my case I value my privacy very much and can not see this  style of living to be beneficial for me

As has been sugested .....ask around and visit places of interest but do not sign anything unless you are confident that this is what you want to do

On the other hand friends of mine say that they are having a fine time with a secure safe and friendly place to live that has imediate medical help if needed

Good luck ........clay

"On the other hand friends of mine say that they are having a fine time with a secure safe and friendly place to live that has imediate medical help if needed"

That's an issue which needs to be looked at very carefully.  Many people assume that over 50's villages have medical staff in- house. 

I enquired very recently at a new one still under construction...in Melbourne.  I was told there is a red emergency button on the phone, which connects the resident to a nurse.  Similar to the Nurs-on-Call in Victoria.  When I enquired about further medical assistance, I was told there are medical clinics in the vicinity.

It's extremely important to write down as many questions as possible and bring a notebook when inspecting.

Please don't assume either, that if one becomes incapacitated, one will be moved within the complex to care facilities.

Clay's point re costs is important.

The village to which I refer, requires a lifetime lease to be signed, and the unit cannot be sold while one is still living.

It reverts to the estate at death, by which time, as is noted  by Clay , the value has decreased considerably.

Thanks koko ............this whole point or retirement village living is a very difficul matter to resolve and as you say can only be decided by a person acording to their individual needs

These   vary from person to person ................I am staying put ......thanks ...........clay

The answer to this is different for everyone. We are in the middle of moving from a strata complex to a retirement village in a different town. Our reasons for doing this are:-

* to be closer to our only grandchildren [and their parents], while still being fairly close to our other daughter

* to overcome the isolation I experience where we currently live due to my health problems - physical plus depression

* the village we are moving to does not have any steps at all, anywhere, whereas our current home has a few steps here and there. As I have permanently dodgy knees, not the sort that can be fixed by surgery, this is a real Godsend

*there is a medical centre next door to the village, a public/private hospital with a hydrotherapy pool across the road, and a nursing home across the road.

We began looking in our local area, but have not found a village as good as this anywhere. Because it is in  a large country town it is cheaper than the city, so we can afford more than the basics, which is a bonus. We know there will be a settling in period, but as my husband is a bit of a loner, and most of my friends have deserted me due to my health problems, we are not leaving behind a huge network of friends. We don't tend to be madly social anyway. We are looking at it as the next stage of our lives. I feel it will be easier for me to mix with people as it will be less effort to get to see them when they are closer at hand.

Sorry, didn't mean to write a book.


Sounds like you and your husband did your homework Helen

Different courses for each  as we go through our

lives and we can only do what we feel is right when making the

next decision.

Sounds like this next stage of your lives will be a great stage.

All the very best


Seggie. Hello Helen. A retirement village sounds perfect for you in your position. You will of course have had a reliable solicitor read the fine print which you have read yourself? I have friends in retirement villages and most find the over $100 every week OK.  Some have money and some do a bit of extra work to bring in extra money to enable them to continue living there and have to live very frugally.

 One thing that would worry me is this. What if one of you became ill and had to go into a nursing home? The retirement home fees still have to be paid and on one pension plus the nursing home fees and chemist bills.  Would your family be able to help out with money if you are unable to meet all these costs. Mine wouldn't. So like you, Clay, I have to remain where I am but if you fancy starting your own retirement village for such as us, I'm with you.  Don't be scared, I'm really harmless. Love to all.

Hi Seggie, Yes, we've done all our sums, and one of our sons-in-law has also asked a lot of pentrating questions. We will manage okay as we don't have a flashy lifestyle and have some savings behind us.

Pray you find a good place for you. Hugs, Helen

Personally I would try and find a village that had a nursing home attached.   Here in WA they have them at some of the Villages run by the RAAF.


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