Our strange shop today.

8 x 2 litre tubs toffee Ice cream on special @ Coles Streets Blue Ribon light
12 cans Asparagus spears also on special Safeway (amazing for us against Cancer and maybe cancer cure) etc) recently found out. - exciting
4 litre bottles Pomegranite juice - also supposedly the bees knees for our health.
How is this for a great special....6 kilos of chicken chops for just $2.99 a kilo - Coles
Aldi Prunes and another place for Walnuts.
We all buy and eat differently don't we but I know I cannot stop myself where specials are concerned.
I am SO lucky my wonderful husband loves shopping with me....Well we are still on our honeymoon :)


What are chicken chops? Think it must be the State line language difference playing here again. I can't imagine the chicken butcher standing there cutting the chicken up into loin, chump etc chops - or rather I must say, unfortunately, I can imagine it and am giggling to myself.

lol Bev. The chicken chops look just like the thighs but with a small bone. Can just slip the bone out and still flatten and bash down and stuff with seasoning and roll and have chicken roll ups and they are delic. We like chicken breast for many things but actually find the thighs have that bit more flavour. Roasted swith roast potatoes and gravy but can be used in many recipes.

I rather like the chicken thigh fillets myself - they do seem to be more flavoursome than the breast meat, and usually a darned side cheaper. Just love to experiment with the Chinese cooking - managed to get hold of an old book - Family Circle - Favourite Chinese & Asian Recipes. I'm working my way through it. Fancy something called Raindrop Soup? Made with chicken thighs.

Yes please and as we have SO many chicken thigh/chops sounds good to me Rainbow Soup hey?

Just put it in the recipe section - let me know if you think it is OK


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