How sad

... humans destroying the earth.

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The orangutan defending his home from the heavy machinery

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Haunting images of beached ships reveal the destruction of the Aral Sea by cotton farming and climate change The loss of the Aral Sea is a haunting example of climate change and industrialisation. Climate change experts from Tashkent have been photographed inspecting the beached ships. 



 The loss of the Aral Sea is one of the most haunting and disturbing examples of climate change. Once a mighty body of water, all that remains of this once-great oasis is a handful of rusting ship carcasses

Celia -  The poor Orangutan. It hasn't got a chance against the humans. They are destroying their homes and some have their  babies taken away from them to sell  off as pets.

This is why I say the human race disgusts me, as they have NO thought for anything but themselves and -- some care only about MONEY ---

This makes me so very mad and sad.

Your both correct Hola and Plan B.     I hate to think what this planet is coming to.

The reason they are cutting down the Orangutans homes is so they can plant more palm oil trees. So lets STOP buying anything with palm oil in it.  The reason palm oil is used is it is the cheapest, it extends the shelf life a product, but it is the worst oil for you.  Did you know that a large percentage of Nuttella is palm oil.

Lets start reading labels folks and boycott anything with palm oil in it.

Lets start saving the Orangs habitat.



Maybe it is not that they have yet to gain a language, it is that we have lost one.


This is non fiction, but!



Something to think about, if humans died out, who would take our place?

Did you ever see "The Planet of the Apes" Celia?  I expect that's what woud happen if the Apes took over.

Yes Hola, didn't like the movie much though, did you?  

There was a photo in the media last week of a Chinese town that had been left, everyone had gone to the city to work, it showed how nature had taken over all the buildings, I should have copied and pasted it here.   It was not a jungle just plain ordinary grass and weeds.

Reminds me of a train journey I did in the USA through their countryside where nature had taken over homes and derelict buildings by the railway lines.

The world would spin happily on without humans. Our domesticated animals would be in trouble for awhile but the air would become clean, the trees would grow and the earth would flourish again.

We are in plague proportions - we are the problem.

There were a few Gorillas that were brought up by man as experiments -- some are still alive and some have died -- one I know lived with their humans for many years till he got so big he had to be put in a Zoo and he fretted so much he died but seems there are others too that may still be alive-- they are amazing gentle creatures.

I know that poor soul was an Orangutan but seems they are still similar.




Thanks Plan B.

It is amazing to watch.



ORANGS are said to be the neatest thing to humans,    they are lovely creatures,    so funny,    there was one on the news , thursay night,   it had been given a quilt,   and it pulled it apart,     got itself covered in feathers,    they are like big kids,         the faces on the gorillas are so beautiful,  ,     humans have just about ruined this planet for them,   and many other species,        in 20 years the only knowledge people will have of half our animal life will be pictures in books,      humans can be very very cruel,  

The sky turns orange as lava flow covers a road near Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island on Friday. Kilauea began erupting on May 3

The sky turns orange as lava flow covers a road near Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island on Friday. Kilauea began erupting on May 3.

Very frightening, cannot imagine how all these people feel loosing everything, there was about 400 homes covered and nearly a mile of new infill from the lava.


Yes Celia sure would be frightening even though you would be living in the fear of it but hoping it never happened -- -- the Island will be a different place now -- with more hills and so many fertile areas with the stuff from the volcano, I just hope no one gets hurt.

And don't forget Guatamala where people have died in the latest volcanic eruption not just lost houses.

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Yes that was horrific KSS.  Very frightening and it looks if volcanic erruptions are on the increase.    Last year I was reading about Yellowstone National Park apparently the whole park is a vulcanoe that they say is time it errupted, it is a super vulcanoe to boot.



I cannot help thinking all this underground atomic testing has something to do with the waking of these volcanoes.





I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: This humble Australian bee is helping to disrupt the plastics industry   

http://a.msn.com/00/en-au/AAys6M8?ocid=se Image result for cartoon of bee

Very interesting Celia

An Australian hylaeus bee.

An Australian hylaeus bee.

It is sad humans do not realize that animals like them have feelings

....like us  cows, yes the ones who we eat and steal their milk from,

have "best friends" and get stressed when separated.

A Mother's Cry For Her Baby

A cow whose baby is taken from her screaming at his direction with longing and pain. In every factory farm, cows are artificially impregnated in order for their bodies to produce milk. After giving birth, they are immediately separated from their babies.

Female calves will become, like their mothers, a milk production machine. Male calves will go to the meat industry.

That is their life .... yes humans are disgusting.


Yes - it is hard to listen to the mother's cry echo across the valley when their calf is taken away. Yet if we didn't domestic the cow I would imagine it would be facing extinction like the Orangutan.

I have often said I could not be a farmers wife, my husband says he could never be a farmer!    Just could not handle the cruelty of farmer.  Very sad.

Suze please forgive me for putting up another one like your but I felt I had to do this and o show also the downright cruelty that these Farmer show to the Calves -- it is downright heartbreaking



The Whale Museum in Eden is so interesting -- see all about it here also that area of NSW is so very interesting and also beautiful



Plan B

Yes that is from a farm in New Zealand Farm .... it happens in Australia too.

Yes Suze -- and the way these poor little trusting Animals are treated is despicable 

Humankind is the greatest "pest/disease" to have ever afflicted this planet. However, looking at our past ( and present ) wars and conflicts, perhaps Armageddon is fast approaching?

morrowj -- you may very well be right

Chaos;  did anyone one watch 'Think Tank' this evening?   The Question Impossible was what came first in Greek Mythology, I said Zeus, so did the contestant, but the answer was Chaos.  Apparently the Greeks thought that was a dark age of mess.   Looks if we are going back to that same age.

Yes dead right Celia, and the egomaniacs that run the world are sending us into oblivion

Bunnies and what they should not eat!  It took the scientists a long time to find this out.

Carrots? They are bad news for bunnies and lettuce is even worse, the RSPCA warns pet owner, Thanks to Bugs Bunny, rabbits and carrots are inextricably linked.    Carrots are too high in sugar, the RSPCA has warned, while lettuce can be even more harmful to rabbits. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5832543/Carrots-bad-news-bunnies-RSPCA-warns-pet-owners.html?ito=email_share_article-top Carrots are in fact bad for rabbits, the RSPCA has warned (stock image)


It makes one wonder Celia,  as to how do the Rabbits know this and how come they have been eating these forever -- and I always fed them to my Rabbit when I had one -- same as now they say Dogs should not be fed so many things -- I always had Dogs and they were always healthy and lived a good life but they ate vegs/meat and aslo meat with onion also dried food and also chocolate as well they loved ice cream and many other things that we are now told not to feed them -- one of my Dogs used to adore Mr. Whippy and I told the bloke -- if I am not here you can give her one and I will give you the money when you see me -- this little smart Dog used to lie in the middle of the Culdsack   so as he could not leave TILL she got her ice cream  -- when I saw him I owed him almost $20 -- another Dog I had as a Kid used to go to the corner shop on its own just after the war -- when things were rationed -- and it used to sit up on the Arrnots chair and would not leave till it got a bit of biscuit -- we used to be ale to buy broken biscuits sometimes.   They all loved the Dogs and as soon as they got it they left -- they were the talk of the town - bless em.

However, I would not feed just anything to my neighbor's Dogs as they have the special diet and I always stick by that and would not do what they did not want me to do -- they always come out to greet me when I go to my car and I have a special little-approved treat for them.

Sometimes I wonder as a Friend a few doors down had their Dog and the Vet told them they should only fee it this   "special'   food he sold -- cost a fortune but they never questioned it. 

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