I have just finished ironing a queen size doona, and I want someone to invent an extension for my ironing board so that when I fold it in half it all fits onto the board. I use a steam press for most of my ironing, but that's half the size of the ironing board. Maybe I should start a new trend, save electricity - don't iron.

What would other people like to see invented to make their life easier?


I will give it some thought

i would like to see an easier & tidier way to fold a fitted Queen size sheet,for someonelike me who is vertically challenged.

Yes, I know there are lots of ways to do the folding,but being short, I cant manage,maybe I should climb a ladder ???

Simple solution to ironing problem. Don't.

As far as the Keandha household is concerned the only things that get ironed are trousers and a few good shirts, my mother use to iron everything, towels and underwear included.

I might use an iron once every twelve months for something very special . Takes a bit of careful hanging out and bringing in, but we never look dishevelled. All shirts on hangers on the line and smoothed down when put on the line. Jeans never get ironed as they look better not. Trousers just hung on the line folded the way they will go on a trouser hanger - bit longer to dry sometimes. Everything folded at the line and put in two baskets personals and linen press.

Our drawers look neat and everything hanging the right way around and we are set.. I remember the bad old days for us bringing a huge basket of crumpled laundry in and leaving it in the basked for ironing day and the dampening everything down before it was ironed. Yeah thank goodness I could throw my iron in the bin if I want as because I never use it now wonder where it is lol

Phyl. hates ironing.

What would other people like to see invented to make their life easier?


I have thought about it and I would like a house and furnishings that you could bring in the hose and somehow get everything clean and dried--would save so much time. ;)


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