NSW Power Privatisation

I need your help.

Michael Costa claims NSW cannot afford a new base load power station. This is when State and Federal Governments are reaping billions of dollars in excises associated with the current resources boom. The Federal Government just posted a $24 billion budget surplus. Executives of BHP and Rio Tinto have forecast that these trading conditions will continue for up to 40 years.

The NSW Government is fast tracking the sale of its generation and retail electricity assets. Privatisation enabling legislation was tabled last Thursday. It is planned to pass this legislation when Parliament resumes on June 2. That's less than two weeks. It would appear that this proposal is driven, not by economic need, but rather by ideological desire. Privatisation will in fact lead to reduced services and increased costs. It is planned to sell or lease some of the power stations which we have paid so dearly for, to overseas companies. Mr Iemma is in China at this very moment.

This NSW Labour Government was elected on a platform that included retention of electricity assets in public hands. Surveys indicate that 85% of NSW voters favour public ownership of these assets. The proposal was soundly rejected at ALP State Conference by 702 votes to 107. Petitions containing 40,000 signatures were presented at State Conference.

The Government claims they have received very little indication from the public that they are opposed to privatisation. This conclusion was reached because MPs have not received to date enough dissenting letters from members of the public!

Messrs Iemma and Costa have been ruthless in their treatment of dissenting MPs. They have been threatened with political exile including exclusion from Cabinet positions, removing their automatic preselection for the next election and even expulsion from the party. They brought Lynda Voltz MP to tears with their savage attack on her.

It is saddening to see this great democracy of ours being so openly abused. Where opposing views are suppressed with threats and bullying. The Premier and Treasurer have degenerated into nothing more than dictators. How on earth have we let this happen?

This disgraceful and totally inappropriate behaviour has to stop. This government needs to be brought to order immediately. The only way we can prevent the privatisation of this essential service is by exerting public pressure on every single member of the NSW Legislative Council and Assembly.

I beseech you all to email or send a letter yourself most urgently to any or all members of the NSW Legislative Council and Assembly stating your opposition to the proposal and seeking their committment to vote against the proposal. In addition please forward this plea electonically to as many of your own friends and acquaintances as possible. Please do it today. For our own sake and for that of our children. Do not let this Labour government divorce itself of it's fundamental obligation to provide cheap, affordable and reliable essential public services.

Thankyou and best wishes.

PS. Use the following hyperlink to find the contact details of the politicians you are going to email or write to. http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/members.nsf/V3ListCurrentMembers


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