NSW Labor Government

Ms Keneally strongly denied that Mr Tripodi and Mr Obeid are puppet masters who rule the NSW Labor government, she says she makes her own decisions.

But Graham Richardson said in the paper yesterday that Tripodi and Obeid were very influential in who gets in when a vacancy occurs.

Now there's no money left to fix up the Opera House, they've wasted it all. Opera House chief executive Richard Evans has confirmed it may have to close permanently if state and federal governments do not give $800 million to replace stage machinery.

Vote Labor!


$800 Million seems excessive to replace stage machinery when here is SA we could have a new football stadium with roof built for that price.

Or is there the usual built-in allowance for Labor wastage?

Now there’s no money left to fix up the Opera House, [b]they’ve wasted it all.[/b]

N-o-o-o!! Surely not!!

Labor wasting money. Good grief..unheard of!

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