NSW Govt..more chaos

While speculation churns about an early Fed Election, NSW voters are probably praying for one. LOL
[quote]end the farce that has seen 215 Labor ministerial appointments in five years.[/quote]



At the risk of inviting the Heavens fall on my head, I have got to opine

that I feel a little sorry for Kristina Keneally. I think that concidering the

debts she owes for her appointment, she has done a more than

reasonable job. It would seem that whichever way she turns, she

can't take a trick. Stuck with a Government of unqualified ex union

executives, she hasn't got a chance & virtually none of it is of her own


Maybe so, Innes, but I think she would have done better to not accept the position in the first place, and then after the election, build her experience and profile. As it is, she is tainted with what has been going on, especially as it seems she's a part of the circle with Tripodi and Co.


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