NSW Gov clawing back $7.50 of our pension.

I have found out that the State Gov made legislation last year when we received the $30 increase. We were given the raise and the federal Gov. asked the states to not take 25% of it as rent for pensioners in public housing. Most of the states agreed not to take the 25% but NSW said we will give it 12 months trial but unbeknown to us made the legislation that it would go up at the end of the 12 months. That will happen in September. So us single aged pensioners are being hit again on top of rises in electricity, petrol & car CTP.
Qld, NT, SA & Tassie have agreed the $30 increase will never be included in the 25% rent calculations.
Couple aged pensioners will not be affected because their extra $10.14 is paid as a supplement. Not like us single aged pensioners who are receiving it as an increase in the base rate of pension.
I think it is time we bombarded the State Gov to stop ripping us off. Give with one hand and take with another. I only hope we can get Labour out at the next election.
The queue at my food giveaway is getting longer each week & most weeks now I run out of food. If only the storehouse would hurry up instead of discussing with whoever about it. I cannot get any definite timing about it. I have signed up over 200 people now. It is so sad.

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No I don't want to loose what we have already either--and thanks for that link--

Terrib - I think it was posted here that the rent not being put up was for only 12 months in NSW as I have read it. Rotten on their part but they are broke they say and always pick on the little blokes who cant fight back and they rely on Labor voters to keep on voting for them even though they always kick their supporters in the teeth to win donations from big business and favour working folk who pay federal income taxes over those who pay state taxes. Silly but true. Well silly if you don't change your vote imo.

I gave up voting Labor 50 years ago when the signs were on the wall that they no longer represented the working man. But unions didn't take note and should have given up supporting them wwith 20% of members fees and kept it back to lobby both sides.

But you must also remember that it was only the single age pensioner who got $30 rise. And the rent is is think based on the basic pension and not on the supplement but could be wrong on that as never actually gone into it nor seen it on any papers brought in by my clients in public housing.

And the married people still pay 25% each for their rent in NSW and other places so not a win for them over you.

BTW From the point of view of the taxpayer landlord a couple is a better rental income return than a single.

Paying 50% of their combined pensions of $971.20 fortnight.

A Married person did get a rise of $5 in the supplement of making it $42.90 a fortnight which is all the things they won under Howard and managed to keep in spite of Rudd.

Singles now get $56.90 so still $14 in front of a married person which again is all the things they won under Howard and managed to keep and got $2.39 rise in their supplement.

No need to get all hurt. Also the base pension for a married person is a lot less.

Married $485.60

Single $644.20

Total extra all up for single people is $172.60

Made up by $644.20 + 56.90 $701.10 a fortnight.

Rent assistance on top of that.

Anyway by getting all het up and saying that singles will pay more than married folk who didn't get any rise in the pension rate - is just playing into the hands of the Labor governments and if you feel that it is a bad idea for NSW - vote Liberal or Independent next time - but not green as this is a Labor vote by proxy and gets you back to start.

And you were lucky to get it at all in view of the attitude Rudd takes to non working "unproductive units" like pensioners and stay at home mums who Ken Henry has picked out as being cushioned by previous government. See my post to Plan B where he makes no bones about how pensioners will be treated next term if Labor is re-elected.

To be honest singles should be lobbying for the married persons to be given more because guess what that would mean they would have to be given more too

- but that seemingly is too hard for people to grasp.

And so it just goes =on - divide and rule.

Old game whilst one lot is fighting the other the third party in this case the government wins ! Leaving money for their rises etc etc etc.

you people who pay rent are better off than those who own their their homes,we have to pay water and council rates ,levies etc,renting is cheaper than owning your own home,but home owners can't be told to get out like the renters can

Give Tony Abbott a go he doesn't have to put out his election promises till the election is called.

we have to get rid of Krudd Gillard Swan Tanner other wise the debt will be so big we will be paying for years to come

I think Krudd is waiting and hoping the polls get better,before he goes to the next election, and we Australians have to watch out for Labor's bogus how to vote cards like Labor's Mike Rann had in South Australia at the last election


I will give my own preferences on the paper but there will be none for Abbott

I think Krudd is waiting and hoping the polls get better,before he goes to the next election, and we Australians have to watch out for Labor’s bogus how to vote cards like Labor’s Mike Rann had in South Australia at the last election


I think you're right there, jessej. Victoria goes to the polls on November, and I think NSW this year...anyone know for sure. Well whatever else happens in NSW, Labor will get a belting ...though mind on past experience they could very well get back in. Victoria is the reddest State of all, so, as Brumby is busily copying Baillieu's policies, a la Rudd, no doubt they'll get back in. So if Rudd sticks his head up while all that's going on, it could well go against him. He'll utilise the time to build more castles in the air for the very 'working families' he's currently robbing to the tune of $$$billions.

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