I am a new pensioner and am a bit confused by Centrelink.

My wife who is 13 years younger still works and earns $1700 gross per fortnight.

I have retired.

We are deemed as a couples pension.

I am receiving $330 per fortnight for my pension.

If she works overtime in the fortnight do I have to tell Centrelink?


Yes you will have to report on a certain day each fornight. Centrelink cross check or report total paynents to the ATO and all shows at tax time.

All of this times a million keeps an army of bureaucrats in jobs!!  From one point of view I suppose that could be a good thing !!

Absolutely, yes. Overtime is part of gross wages. I have heard some seniors in similar situations as yourself, say that they will salary sacrifice $600 of their $1000 a fortnight wage, thinking that they only have to advise $400 to Centrelink. No. You have to advise the full gross amount. 


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