New Zealand Road Trip

Hi Folks

We leave for a 4 week road trip across NZ in early Sept. would be interested to hear from anyone who's done the same. Any tips and advice greatly appreciated.


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Drove to Invercqrgill and then on to Bluff. Champagne and bluff oysters went down well at Stirling Point.seafront restaurant.

Unfortunately got a speeding ticket just past Mossman. Good thing the fines are a lot more modest in NZ. 120 instead of the 200 plus fines I got 3 weeks in a row last year.

to Dunedin tomorrow for  a couple of days then to Christchurch.

Robi -we  fly in to Sydney on Sunday.

Guess you will have a lot of sexual exploits to share with Pete again

We are on double demerit here this weekend.

Left Berida Manor yesterday great drive to Nowra thenon to Bendilong  on the South Coast. We have a Batch , Shack, week-ender , depending where you are from . Spending a few days here with Daughter before she is back to school . 

It is a great Spot total surrounded by National Park . 

At the bar for a couple of pre dinner drinks.

Apparently a couple of days ago a couple of hundred crazed teenage girls camped outside the hotel.  A boy band called One Direction was in town. 

Christchurch is depressing. The centre of town is deserted, streets flattened, buildings empty, others still being pulled down

Fly out tomorrow. 

Yeah such a shame it was such a pretty city . Is the cardboard cathedral up . 

Yep on Littamer Square. It's gorgeous. Went there this morning.

All good things must come to an end.

At Chch airport waiting to board.

What was the best part of the trip Jags.

I know it was the flight from Aukland to Queenstown

Hey Pete


The flight ove the Remarkables was well Incredibles.

Looved Queenstown-Te Anau- Milford region.

Did not think much of Dunedin - boring ole town. but then the scots arent known for having any imagination.

Invercargill was a sleepy hollow - but having Bluff oysters in the southern most tip was a nice expereince

Oamaru is a picturesque historic town, Stopped fgor lunch and a wander.

Drive from Oamaru to Christchurch was picture postcard stuff as well

All in all a very memorable holiday

Was there snow on the ground in Queenstown

nope - but snow capped mountains as far as the eye could see. ski fileds were open.

by the way - thinking of spending christmas in bali 22/12 - 5/01.


Any ex girlfriends there Pete?

Not directly but I believe Mae Lings father has an interest in the Sheraton Nusa Dua along with Bang Bang Suharto 

Can't help with a deal as link to tenuouse and Chinese not flavor of the month. Thought about renting a villa with full mod cons including driver.

What I meant was have you thought about hiring a villa . Many friends have done and great .

Yep looking into it. However many have said security is an issue. May book through Accor mrmbership.

seminyak appears to recommended spot. Away from yobbo tourists

How wonderful!!!

we will get a break over Xmas

Hope it is a month break at least

Only a couple of weeks Abbey. Will be back promise.

I don't think any security issues as you have own guard etc and they are gated . Probably better enjoyed with another couple .

I'm going to Seminyak, Bali in a couple of weeks.

Cool Robi. Let us know the which restaurants are best. Also where's the best Babi Guling 

What happened to the

See Ackers Motif 

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