New political party to fight mining tax

[quote]A new political party is about to register in Western Australia with the aim of fighting the new mining tax.

Former ALP member Scott Cowans has cut ties with Labor to form the new party WA First, which plans to run three candidates for Senate seats in the coming election.

Mr Cowans says WA subsidises other states and territories to the tune of about $8 billion a year, and is increasingly getting less in return.

He says the only way to protect the interests of Western Australians is to have independent senators.

The party plans to register with the Australian Electoral Commission this week.[/quote]


I wonder who'll get their preferences.


I think it is a great move, but a waste of time. They wont be able

to stand under the banner of WA first in the next federal election

because the registration is too late.

Yet another party that doesn't have a chance again the big 2

Yet another party that doesn’t have a chance again the big 2

I think PlanB if you read the post again you will see its SENATE seats that they are targeting.

I guess you would have made the same ill-informed comment about Nick Xenophon the SA (No Pokies) Senator who along with others holds the balance of power in the Senate and thankfully blocks a lot of Labor's insane bills.

Far enough I didn't read it right

Tanwin, it doesn't make any difference whether it is Upper or Lower House.

Around 85% of voters vote above the line & the new party has registered too

late to get a position above the line.

Maybe you're right to an extent, Innes, but don't forget ........this is Western Australia we're talking about. They are very angry over there, and are pretty stirred up about the mining rip -off.

They have been the only State so far to put enough thought into their vote, and oust Labor...unlike the sheeple in[b]* *[/b]NSW, who faithfully trotted in to the ballot boxes with their blinkers on....and SA, well, what can one say about SA...........not to mention Tas, as you already have.

Just a little more digging on WAFirst.

In response to a comment above, I have left the ALP to start WA First

with former Liberal party member John Goodlad as we believe there is

an inherent conflict in being members of national political parties

and putting WA first. The Party is totally independent - we believe

Liberal and Labor governments ignore WA. However, considering our

strident opposition to the mining tax, we will be preferencing the

conservative parties over the ALP whilst this tax stands. Of course,

voters can still go below the line on the ballot paper and preference

however they like.


Scott Cowans

WA First Senate Candidate


**Notice in NSW, there are faint stirrings in the media since the pretty lady was installed. My instinct tells me that NSW Labor could still get over the line. She's blonde, she's pretty, and she's a woman!! Triple whammy!

No howls of outrage from the press at the very thing for which they've attacked Abbott.

Ms Keneally said she regretted using the word ''unforgivable'' to describe Mr Campbell's behaviour in leading a gay double life. She stewed on her use of the word after using it at a media conference on Friday, and intends to apologise.

As a way of explanation, Ms Keneally said politicians were under immense pressure to deliver rapid, black-and-white judgments after events - and that to hesitate is often interpreted as a sign of weakness.


The selective outrage is quite fascinating.

I think you have taken me as off side Koko. I am merely commenting

on the hopelessness of the situation of a new Party at this stage, as far

as the next election is concerned. Bear in mind that the Party has been

formed by Scott Cowans Labor & John Goodlad Liberal. This is the

biggest thing going for them but they still have only got 350 members.

This is a very small number for 2 sitting members representing both

majors in WA. They need 400,000 votes to retain their 2 seats under

the new banner. Bear in mind that the ground swell over there is enormous

at the moment. Not only is Rudd trying to remove their State Mining

Royalties, but they got none of the Health Blackmail money & have just

lost a further $311Million of GST income to the Eastern States & they are

not even represented on the Federal Board.


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