New HD channels

Seems like we've got another one starting this evening. Called Go!, Think it could be channel 9. But, unless you search around, fiddling with this button and that, you won't know what's on. No TV guide seems to have it on their radar, or published guides in the newspapers. I know that One is the sports channel - deleted it.. Not my interest area, Sounded like Go! would have something I might want to watch - if only I could find the guide.

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Yes as soon as I watch what I have already recorded I will download the new ones--however that might take awhile

I just tuned the whole lot in again and then put them all on favourites and go through them to see what is on - is there any other way?

Or just flick through them on the + and - key.

Analogue is fine just set on buttons 1 2 3 4.

We got ABC straight away along with SBS but now the others are kicking in slowly at last - rural area.

We have tuned in Win on channel 88 but it is only test transmitting here.

breaking up too and cant get ordinary Win (channel 9) except on analogue. We do get 10 now which has always been only digital here.

I was getting fairly poor reception with analogue, so when the HD was in the offing, I had the aerial cabling replaced with a better quality, put in a plug in booster and I've been getting terrific reception. Some of my neighbours got the new aerials, but I found I didn't need it. The bits and pieces cost me $130, but I had a friend who was able to do the work, so that didn't cost me anything.

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