Nestle announces new names for Red Skins and Chicos

After announcing plans to ditch the names of Red Skins and Chicos due to racist connotations earlier this year, Nestle has announced the new names for lollies going forward.

Red Skins will now be called Red Rippers and Chicos will be known as Cheekies.

Nestle general manager confectionery, Chris O’Donnell said: “Nestle has an unwavering commitment to upholding respect for our friends, neighbours and colleagues.

“We hope Australians will support the evolution of these two much loved lollies – while the names are new, the lollies themselves remain unchanged.

“We will keep pack changes simple to help lolly lovers find their favourites easily.”

Red Ripper and Cheekies will appear on shelves in early 2021.

What do you think of the new names for the lollies? Do you agree with the decision to change the names?

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What  PC rubbish!

Perennially offended sowflakes beware, summer is coming.

I've owned black, yellow, white, orange and red cars. Does that make me racist?

Sorry i wont be buying any 


Should have called them Fore Skins, maybe they would been a lot more popular among sections of the PC brigade. Should have stayed with Allen's and not been sold to an international company based in Vevey, Switzerland. Low tax state (I come from Switzerland). Stick to what we have down here we're good at and do not sell out.



That's gold!

At least you've limited the offending to the uncircumcised.

Bloody rubbish. PC idiots taking over!

Not worth a comment, too bloody silly for words...

stupid !!!


Maybe the folks at Allen's should get a life...are they going to ask the city of Chico in California to change its name?

2K19 (EP 7) California Route 99 South in Chico, California - YouTube

Wonder if they know .. ‘Red Ripper’ is in fact the nickname of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo who murdered at least 52 women during his life.



Really.  The people who make these important decisions need to get a life.  There is nothing wrong with the original names.  I am sure such narrow minded people could find a reason to change the name of musk sticks.  Who wants to eat something that could be associated with an animals bodily functions.  What about the bobbie - eating a English cop.  People find something really important to do.  On a second note - how much has it cost the companies to change all the information on the packaging.

"What do you think of the new names for the lollies? Do you agree with the decision to change the names?"

What a lot of rubbish. What will be next? There are 54 place names in Australia which includes the word "black" so do we change them too? Will those who drive a Mitsubishi Pajero demand a name change as the Spanish translation is "wanker"? Will those relatives of the 52 women and children murdered by serial killer Andrei Chikatilo demand that Nestlé change the name of Red Ripper because that is the name given to Andrei Chikatilo? We are pandering to a vocal minority which is the total opposite of what a democracy is supposed to be.

I'm too frightened to order a Chico roll from the chippy in case they brand  me a racist......where will this twaddle end.



I was thinking the same thing! What will the Easter show do now?




I just don't get this PC rubbish! I sort of see where they're going with "Red Skins", but "Chicos" - what the heck is offensive about that? Maybe I'm naive, but what do people interpret from "Chicos"?

they are a black/brown jelly baby

These are those who actively seek out reasons to be offended. What's worse is business going woke to appease them.

"Chico' is a derogatory nickname for Latinos in the USA. Which is why AUSTRALIA has to change the name!

At least we got Noddy and Big Ears back.  The gollywog is still missing in action.

Did we? When? 

Or did the LGTBI community adopt them certain that Noddy and Big Ears were in a same sex relationship?

He will be back but only if he comes out as gay - imagine a queer gollywog? Mind boggles.

Saw some Noddy and Big Ears cartoons not too long ago.  And I got some colouring in books as well for Christmas presents a couple of years back, well after they were banned.  They may have changed it cater for the stupidity of the censors.


Nothing wrong with having black dolls, brown dolls, white dolls or dolls of any other colour.

It's the  "Golliwog" used as a caricature of a black person that is offensive.

Well done Nestle and long overdue! Imagine the outrage if they had a range of sweets called 'little white boys' or 'whiteskin monkeys'' and the names remained...

Only an adult would think like that.  The Golliwog doll was be banned.  the Gollywog is a childs doll.  Only an adult would think like that.  Mine was bigger than me when I had one.  It stood at least a meter tall.  Guess if someone is raised in a biggoted household then it becomes that households problem.  Just as well they havent got hold of a book I have called 'Shock Headed Peter' a bedtime book for children.  They could have a field day with it. 

well i know one thing the USA is DOOMED forever 

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