nasty and opinionated people

on reading these forums, I realise there are many nasty and opinionated people out there.

We all have an opinion and different ideas, otherwise it would be a stale communist world in which we live.

Many people do not listen to what other people are saying, they are self centred and believe what they say is gospel.

Have some manners and respect to what other people's ideas may be.

They may just be right !


Too many people assume, too many people make comments with incorrect information instead of researching the facts, some people do not like another person's opinion and respond with abusive terminology, too many people believe media articles, believe people who state they are 'experts' and highly qualified and are not, Climate Change and religions are  typical examples which do not have scientific proof.
It will be surprising to see opinions and responses without attached proof.

James H. Spectre,
English Teacher UK (retired)
Computer Software IT.

So they banned you from every UK forum, lucky for them. bad for us. Silly burgher LOL

Good for you is what it would be to learn English instead of your Lucca pox-talk.


Mak, will you please stop trolling me. Can I help it if I am way more intelligent than you and younger and better looking than you. Jealousy will get you nowhere and for your info, I speak four languages.


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