My today

Yes folks, I do have good days. This morning Dad told me, as he does every morning, but forgets, that he loves his breakfast cereal so much and the banana I give him to have on it. He remembered to take all the meds I laid out and drank all his juice.
Later he had a cup of tea and some cake, sat in the sun, and my sis and I took him for a walk around the garden. He ate all his lunch with relish, and took his vitamins.
Sis and I went and did the grocery shopping, this involves walking a kilometre or so with our little shopping carts and then lugging the stuff back home - we get to walk through a park and it's good exercise.
Had Asian takeaway for lunch, and a no-carb beer, in the yard, at our little table under the hibiscus trees. Beautiful Queensland weather, as good as it gets.
Evening - more meds, lay out things for fathers breakfast. Put in his eye ointment, check his bandages are holding. Refill his hot water bottle(an essential for oldsters who feel the cold). Pop him off to bed around 6pm.
All has gone well today.


Good to see you had a better day--it is very hard being a carer

miss jacinta,your dad is so lucky to have someone as loving and caring as you to look after his every need,i admire you as it can't be easy it's also good for him to be at home and get that special care,

while i am on here,i bought a cesera microwave/convection and usually they have a recipe book with them,i didn't get one so if anyone has bought an oven like this i would like some help with timing,(meat,cakes etc)

I'm glad you had a better day and things went well for you.

Wendy--maybe you should tell the place where you bought it from that you didn't get a book--or get the phone number and ring the makers--you might even be able to download it from the net ?

I know that sometimes there are sparks there, in their lives. My Mum ran me ragged - there weren't any support centres, no Internet. My youngest brother and I did it all alone. I'd plan a trip, Mum knew where we'd be going, but along the 10 minute trip, she would say she was lost - take me home. I learned to be rather harsh. If I wanted to go, then so did she, regardless of what she said or did. I spent years of my life, as a teenager, being woken up by my mother having "heart attacks" - I had to come to her side, massage her heart. All she really wanted was attention. Then she really did have problems, remembering where she was, but she had lived in the same town for so long that the local taxi dirver, or the police took her home. It was hard, it was also informing for me in my later life.

planb,thankyou for your advice but the store said the ovens didn't have recipe books with them only the instuctions how to use it,they have an email address but only for their service depot and thats somewhere like indonesia or round that way,

i tried the internet but nothing doing there

Gee Wendy--thats a pest--sometime on the button they have the cooking times--I can't remember if I got a book with mine either --it was just trial and error I think---hope it all works out for you--have you had a Micro wave b4---if so I would maybe use the same cooking times for this one--assuming it is the same wattage ? Some are higher than others and the higher the less time it takes--sometimes you can turn down the wattage as well

hi planb,this is a convection oven as well so you can microwave,grill,roast etc and theres nowhere to give you cooking times and as cooking is not my strong point i shall just have to guess,

i've always just chucked things in the oven and never timed anything(my electric oven)

Wendy--I am not that fond of cooking either--maybe you could Google convection ovens and get a book from one of the other makes--at least it would give you some idea.

planb,yes i think i will have to do that,thanks for your help anyway


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