Muslim Schools

Inside the Muslim Eton: 20 hour days starting at 3.45am with the aim of producing Muslim elite of leaders.Their feet are bare. For this is no ordinary school. This is Darul Uloom, a Muslim madrassa or religious school, set in the pretty Kent village of Chislehurst. It is one of 166 Muslim schools in Britain today.

Sydney Islamic Schools as at September 2008

Al Amanah Islamic College (Bankstown & Liverpool)
Al Faisal College (Auburn)
Al Noori Muslim Primary School (Greenacre)
Al Zahrah College (Arncliffe)
An Nahaayan Islamic School (Chullora)
Arkana College (Kingsgrove)
Ashraful Madaaris High School (Leumeah)
Australian International Academy (Strathfield)
Australian Islamic College of Sydney (Mt Druitt)
Bellfield College (Rossmore)
Green Valley Islamic College (Green Valley)
King Abdul Aziz College (Mt Druitt)
Malek Fahd Islamic School (Chullora)
Qibla College (Minto)
Rissalah College (Lakemba)
Sydney Islamic College (Lakemba)
Unity Grammar (Austral)


And your point is? We have Catholic Schools, Anglican Schools to name just a couple. We are a democracy and whether we like it not, we cannot practice democracy only when it suits us.


The point is .. They arrive here for a new and better life then start their own little area like the country they left behind.  Mainstream should be their school and the other one for a few hours a week. They should not act or dress any different to the country that has welcomed them.

My opinionis that my opinion.

as an atheist it pisses me off that the govt flushes so much money down the sewer subsidising religious schools.

personally i dont think there should be any religious schools unless those places are self funded.

its not like they would fund an atheist school, which imho would be a much more useful concept.

the only reason so many people believe in this religious clap trap, is because they get brainwashed into it as innocent ignorant kids which imho is child abuse.

ask yourself if you would believe this religious bs if you never heard about it till you were old enough to vote!

i reckon if that was the case, religious believers would number much less than 10 percent. that is why it is essential for religions to use your  tax dollars to fund their indoctrination and brainwashing of our kids via their govt funded religious schools. how can you people allow your kids to be abused like that?

religion is no longer a useful tool to guide western civilisations. the huge increase in crime and drug abuse, vandalism, etc is absolute proof of that.

the rejection of religious laws such as homosexuality being taboo is proof that the churches are scam mongers. otherwise they wouldnt have gay people in their congregations or among their priests and pastors.

if they were serious, the churches wouldnt be protecting the paediphiles among their priests like they have done for centrues, and continue to do so.

and while i agree with many aspects of religions such as condemning low life acts like thieving, bullshitting, rape, murder etc., i say we should keep religion out of schools, and let kids enjoy their growing up years without being brainwashed into primitive bs beliefs.

you can teach kids right from wrong without threatening them with retribution from santa claus, the tooth fairy, gods, monsters, and any other fictitious character you can scare them with.

come on people - its time to shed your tails!

Yes we have Catholic and Anglican schools but it's not the same. Their children are not separated from mainstream society like the Muslims are. They are told not to befriend none-believers. It's a pity because as we all know, school is where we all learn important lessons for life. But they have separated themselves from us completely and that's how they want it, they believe the Western way of life is "evil" and have no intention of ever "fitting in".

I maintain that if a Muslim is not prepared to assimilate with their adopted country, they should not be allowed into that country. And we should follow the European model - full citizenship should not be granted until a trial period of some years has elapsed to see if they have been a worthy member of our society, if not, they are sent back to where they came from.

wow these muslim aplogists never give up do they? so a few muslims got work on various projects in australia like the snowy mountain scheme etc. is some idiot saying these projects wouldnt have been completed without muslims?

i claim that if there were no muslims in australia that these projects would have been completed without their assistance.

realistically, how would australia be a worse place to live if there were no muslims, aside from the well paid jobs a few people would lose if there were no muslims to monitor for terrorist activities?

the resources wasted on air travel is staggering, and is only necessary because of muslim terrorists. prior to 911 it was never needed. some muslims actually blamed 911 on the "lack of airport security".

we can bs to ourselves that these people are an "asset to our society" and "enrich our culture" etc, but i personally would prefer they go and "enrich" somebody elses society, preferably in a muslim country which shares their bs beliefs.

obviously, islamic apologists have never studied islam. if they had, they would know about bs like "taqqiya" which forbids muslims to be friends with "infidels" but commands them to PRETEND to be friends with "infidels" if it "enhances the cause of islam".

in recent times, many islamic communities who appeared to be modernised and peaceful, turned fundamentalist practically overnight.

an example of this was iran in 1978. iran had become "westernised" and women, although still discriminated against, were given more freedoms than in most islamic shitholes. then a religious fundamentalist leader named ayotallah komeni returned to iran and it became anti western and fanatical islam overnight. many women were sent to "re-education" camps because they had worked instead of being dependent housewives. they were beaten for months till their jailers were satisfied that they hated all "infidels" and the western cultures in general, especially the usa.

so these brainwashed apologists who think muslims will shed their tails and evolve should do some research like i did, and work out that muslims have no intention of becoming westerners, but are hell bent on eventually enslaving the non muslim world, which the quoran instructs them to do.


if you keep an open mind (providing you have an iq higher than a mentally retarded marijuana plant) and do enough research, you will realise that muslims will never embrace multiculturalism, and hope to do to the whole world what they did in mecca, ie, build up sufficient numbers to take over the country and abolish all non islamic religions.

check out the number of islamics who carry posters in marches saying "BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT THE PROPHET" if anybody cant see that as hate speech then they dont deserve an opinion. and before you say "those are only a small hardcore minority" research what happened when a fanatical religious leader took over iran in 1978, and see what sort of "minority" those hard core supporters reallyer were!

You should be banned for your racist hate speech. Hope the moderators catch sight of your BS

yes toot i agree with what you say about muslims, but other religious schools are similar admittedly not as extreme though.

i was forced to go to a catholic school as a kid and it was a nightmare. menapausal nuns for the first 3 years then scumbag male catholic teachers (brothers) who used the cane or strap at every possibly opportnity. if there were no excuses they would easily create them. 

but as for hating outsiders, in those days much of our education was about maligning other religions, and the public school system.

"protestant dogs - sit on logs

eating maggots out of frogs"

chanting bullshit like that tended to get you off the teachers shit list so you were less likely to get the cane.

obviously since hitting kids was eventually banned, the catholic teachers cant abuse kids physically any more so i guess thats an improvement.

however i would still like to see all religious schools go without govt funding.

nobody seems to know much about what goes on in scientology schools though, although i often hear sinister rumours. the fact that they are so secretive makes me kind of wary though.

its a shame that kids can be abused at such an early age when they are unable to question, and indeed not allowed to question  with absolutely no choice, they are brainwashed into believing all this religious claptrap, whether it is muslim, christian, scientology, buddhism, hindu or whatever ......

obviously it should be illegal

a total moron named ray posted

You should be banned for your racist hate speech. Hope the moderators catch sight of your BS

racist huh? since when was islam a race? 

hate speech huh? the only hate things i quoted were quotes from the quoran you moron!

does your nurse know you are using the computer?

notice that the lower of our species cannot refute logic? which is why they just revert to insults as they have nothing constructive to add to discussions. 

toot, muslims are not all bad. Some have played an important part in our history.

They were involved in building the rail link between Port Augusta and Alice Springs, which became known as the Ghan.

Known as Cameleers they played an equally important role in the development of the overland telegraph line between Adelaide and Darwin during 1870 and 1872, which eventually linked Australia to London via India.

So they have been in Australia for a long time.

Bosnian and Kosovar Muslim migrants who arrived in Australia in the 1960s made important contributions to modern-day Australia through their role in the construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electricity Scheme.

I can understand that people are wary of them but that stems from some radicals, not the mainstream population of muslims.

I understand what you are saying Fwed, but the Afghans who helped open up the outback with their camels and contributed to the hydro electric scheme are totally unlike the migrant today who insists on bringing his culture with him and has no plans to change in any way - they make a conscious decision not to assimilate into our Aussie society and this worries me.

February 11, 2008

In Cologne, Germany on 11th February 2008 -- A crowd of 16,000 expatriate Turks cheered Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a vast indoor auditorium in Germany on Sunday as he told them to resist assimilation into the West. The political rally by Germany's biggest ethnic minority upset German politicians, who objected to a major public event on German soil being advertised on posters in Turkish only.

Erdogan indirectly addressed those concerns, saying it was right for Turkish immigrants to learn German and other languages so they could integrate, but wrong to abandon their Turkish heritage and assimilate. "Assimilation is a crime against humanity," he told the crowd. Many Turks had travelled from France, Belgium and the Netherlands to hear his hour-long address in the shiny venue, the Koelnarena.

"I can well understand that you are against assimilation," he said. "It is important to learn German, but your Turkish language should not be neglected." He said ethnic Turks abroad should be more confident in standing up for their interests, and should win elections as mayors and members of European national parliaments.... Did you notice that 8 Muslim candidates were elected in the recent British election?

Denmark has taken a different approach. They offered cash incentives to entice immigrants to return to their homelands if they 'can't or won't' assimilate into society. The offer put on the table is close to $24,000 for every person who took up the offer to leave.

'We thought it was important to substantially increase this aid so that immigrants who want to return home because they are not able to adapt to Danish society have a strong financial basis to start a new life,' said foreign affairs spokesman Soeren Espersen of the far-right Danish People's Party.

Since 1997, around 2,524 immigrants have voluntarily repatriated to their home countries, according to Denmark's refugee, immigrant and integration ministry. Most of them were from the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia and Turkey.

Wow, I like this idea. Many who come here are not happy. They scream for changes so they can fit in. Makes me wonder why the came here in the first place.  Our way of accepting everybody was ok years ago, but many now seem to have a hidden adjenda. Australia used to be  a christian country, but now that is not so.

toot? you cant reason with islamic apologists. nothing you say will make them see common sense or logic or enable them to see the obvious folly of allowing mulsims to live amongst civilised humans.

one of the reasons is that many of them are the sort of people who debate for the sake of debate, and dont really care either way who is right or who is wrong, just that they can enjoy the argument and hopefully win the verbal part of it.

another reason is that many of them are incapable of thinking for themselves and blindly believe what the media and the govt instructs them to believe, which is why they subscribe to all this pc bullshit.

its a shame they wont all move to an islamic country and stay there.


australia has never been strictly a christian country. like ancient mecca, and most modern countries, religious freedom is nowadays guaranteed, and in australia's case, it has always been available from the word go.

in ancient mecca, before islam reared its ugly twisted head, religous freedom was a part of their laws.

that is why mohamed moved his bandit hate cult community to mecca because no other countries would put up with him. (people tended to have common sense in those days, unlike nowadays).

due to his pillaging in neighbouring countries, and allowing his followers to have as many wives as they could steal and enslave from the neighbouring countrys' tribes, his clan attracted the dregs of society, such as rapists, thieves, murderers etc. and grew his community very quickly.

forcing the women to breed like maggots, he managed to build his numbers at an alarming rate. by the time enough meccans realised that he was a danger it was too late. when confronted about his intentions, he swore that he would never wage war against mecca. when the meccans were the most vulnerable, he attacked and took over mecca, and abolished all non islamic religions. he enslaved many and forcibly coverted many to islam.

afterwards he bragged about fooling the meccans by promising no war with them. "allah is the master of deception" etc 

in my country, "master of deception" translates as champion bullshitter, but dont take my word for it - check it out yourself

I saw a similar article at a while back, and it is very interesting. I am very fascinated by Muslim schools. Their culture is absolutely amazing. I like learning new things about education. 

katiewatson, I dont know very much about Muslim schools. How effective is education in Muslim schools? Does it show up on NAPLAN?

All schools in Australia must be registered with the state or territory education department and are subject to government requirements in terms of infrastructure and teacher registration. See:

The Islamic Schools of Australia website has a list of member schools.

The academic performance as per NAPLAN of most Islamic and other schools in Australia can be viewed by typing in the school name on the My School website.

Thanks for that RnR.

katiewatson posted

I am very fascinated by Muslim schools. Their culture is absolutely amazing. I like learning new things about education. 

the thing that "absolutely amazes me" is the fact that allegedly civilised educated human beings like yourself cannot see islam as the bigoted, intolerant, hate cult posing as a religion  that it  ovbviously is, and give it serious discussion as if it were a civilised decent organisation, with decent values to offer other people.

Two Muslims schools refused to adhere to Australian Education regulations and as a result, their funding was cut and the school was set to close if they didn't toe the line.  Finally, they agreed.

…… Former federal education minister Simon Birmingham cut the school's funding in 2016, saying it had several governance issues and was operating at a profit.

However, major reforms have occurred to bring the school, which has about 2,500 kindergarten to Year-12 students, in line with education department rules.


Islamic School of Canberra loses Federal funding


……Senator Birmingham said the department had accommodated repeated requests for more time but the school’s authority had failed to address its non-compliance issues to meet the basic requirements of the Education Act.

“The decision means from 16 December 2017, the authority will no longer receive Australian Government funding. The school can continue to operate as long as it remains registered by the ACT Government and is financially viable,” he said.

For about two days I have been tormented over the research paper. I have a structure and a task plan, but I haven't been able to gather enough information on my topic. Now I want to contact the service and it looks very reliable. Tell me, have you ever used the service to write research papers?

This is for bugsy the dickhead. Educate yourself you atheist dummy. Go speak to decent people.

Image result for mosque in melbourne

as i have previously stated - the lower element of our society cannot debate anything or contribute anything to a discussion or make a positive contribution towards solving a problem, and in the case  really low element like braylikeanass, they often cant even recognise there is a problem

obviously they cannot refute the logic offered by their superiors and predictably these impaired people resort to name calling as it covers up their ignorance ...

in ray's case, it proves charles darwin's theory 100 percent as right


Ah bilby you had me fooled. Here's me thinking all the time you are a little crazy guy, only to find out you are a little crazy woman, LOL. bilby babe, why did they ban you from the main forum? As if I didn't know!

Have a good weekend.LOL

WHAT????  Another elderly woman who needs her mouth washing out! I thought the omnivore was the only one.

some mentally challenged kid posted 

Ah bilby you had me fooled. Here's me thinking all the time you are a little crazy guy, only to find out you are a little crazy woman, LOL. bilby babe, why did they ban you from the main forum? As if I didn't know!

normally i wouldnt dignify such bs with a reply, but in this case i will point out that your accuracy of statement and logic  is your usual standard of accuracy. in other words total bullshit. if we ever meet face to face, you will get a chance to prove yourself a man out in the carpark, or on a karate mat if you prefer.

i predict an 11 second outcome (that includes 10 for the count) up for it?


Image result for rofl bilby animated gif

Reagan at least she's not homophobic.


I don't know Ray, getting a bit worried about this sheila, bet she could knock me over in 2 secs.LOL

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the internet is a marvellous creation. it enables lowlifes to sling shit without fear of being identified in person.

problem is .......   ;)

with a bit of luck, we may yet find out which one of us is the "girl".......


Today I met with Muslim community leaders to offer my support & to share their deep sorrow over yesterday’s horrific terrorist attack. This has rocked not only NZ but nations around the world, incl. ours. We stand together to condemn the hatred & intolerance behind this attack.

Bill Shorten at Lakemba mosque 

Image result for bill shorten and muslims

Victoria police celebrate Eid al Fitr with Muslims

Looks like you're outnumbered bulbous bilby

Image result for see ya later alligator

since when did being right and intelligent make people the majority mr sheeple?

despite being a scumbag, micah unwittingly makes a valid point. 

the growing number of muslims means a growing number of extra voters, and both shorten and morrison will blindly kiss their smelly muslim asses to get their votes.

any real australian who votes for either is an idiot imho


Waste of time engaging with a feral scumbag. Wear this so decent people can see you coming.

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when abe was circumcised they threw away the wrong part


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