Most disliked pizza topping revealed. What\'s yours?

A new survey of 6000 adults from the United States has declared anchovies as America’s least favourite pizza topping.

The small salty fish is a must on pizzas for some, but for 61 per cent of respondents it's a big 'no'.

Next in line on the no list was eggplant (52 per cent) followed by artichokes, with 44 per cent of respondents saying no to them.

Broccoli came in fourth with pineapple in fifth.

The most popular topping with a 64 per cent approval rating was pepperoni, followed by sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese and then onions.

Thin crust pizza is preferred in the midwest and western parts of the United States, with regular style crust ruling the east and the rest of the country.

What's your least preferred pizza topping? What's your favourite?


My most disliked pizza topping is anything that crawls

Pizza Disgusting GIF - Pizza Disgusting Cockroach GIFs

I prefer to "build my own" at home..........most shopbought ones are a little light on for toppngs to my taste.

Pet hate - Tomato and Cheese - tastes like spew!

Make my own after a domino foul up some years ago. Like extra thin pastry so it why I make my own. Hate that thick rubbish they dish up with minimal topping now.

Pinneapple ,pepperoni and sausage are off my piza list

Like thin pastry and vegetable topping

I envy anyone that can eat anything, I don't have the option of selection a taste that I would love to eat due to health issues. Was a 20 year old that could eat anything but hated hot flavours, like my mother!   These things go in families I am sure.  

I liked thin pastry with pepperoni and pineapple, however -- none of that Italian cheese ---I have lost my sense of taste and smell now so not a lot of joy in eating at all

I don't like meat or pineapple on pizza. 


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