Morrison gives $110.00 Government grant to his Pentecostal church

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Plan B if it wasn't so bloody frightening the composition of this list would be brilliant. And this is the party which claims it can manage our economy better. I was going to say that if anyone ran a company like this they would be in jail but of course we know that's not true because if you've paid protection money to the LNP, as the banks have proven, you have little to worry about. No wonder Morrison didn't want to meet with the fire experts last April, they may have proposed spending money on something worthwhile. 

Yep, these are the people who touted fiscal responsibility as there main strength.  And now we are hearing murmers of them not being able to attain the fake surpluss. Why, because they had to spend money in an emergency for the good of the country.

Much the same as its opponants did in the Finnancial  Crises. It must be nice to change the rules to reflect the spin of the day.


This subject should not be reduced to a political bunfight  but you, and others like you, seem incapable viewing world events in any other light and therefore resort to name calling to protect your cherished and twisted views on events of common interest.  Sad really and you have my sympathy!

Paddles, are you for real?? it was you who drew still unsubstantiated inuendo against Bandt and Natale and then went on to do the same against Carr so I think you are clearly engaging in a political bunfight with irrelevant claims which you cannot back up. So again what is it that you claim Bandt and Natale are guilty of you don't seem to be able to back up your claims?

So what is your world view on the current climate and bushfire emergency in Australia? If you watch the news on any overseas TV channel or listen to any overseas radio broadcast you will learn that much of the rest of the developed world is critical of Australia's woeful climate change policy. So lets see it then, your claims against Bandt and Natale and lets hear your world view on climate change? I don't need your sympathy.

Incidentally I see that you are using the registered trademark of the St George Illawarra Dragons Rugby League Club, are you writing on their behalf, are your views their offcial views on climate change?   


It really is none of your business Mondo what Paddles uses as his/her avatar. Making assumptions is in very poor taste.

How do you know permission was not granted and if you know anything at all about trademarks, you'd understand that in some cases permission is not even required.


@ Mondo

Unless you do your research and know what you are talking about, do not reply to me please. Have no time to waste,I am not Christian but I have great respect for the Red Cross and know its history.

Total income for humanitarian work (excluding the Blood Service) in 2012 was $376.5 million. 78% of this comes from Government Grants and Community Support (community support means private individuals, businesses and religious organisations). Got that???

The Red Cross

The Red Cross is dedicated to providing help in times of crisis and care when it’s needed. This Christian organisation can be found assisting with disaster relief as well as family or personal crises. Its work includes helping people in remote places around the world with shelter and medical attention, and reconnecting families after war and disaster.

The Red Cross also focuses on disadvantaged populations like children, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups. Providing clean water, sanitation, food, and medical care can support recovery and stronger communities.

In recent years the Red Cross Australia has provided disaster relief for communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston, the Nepal earthquake, and Cyclone Pam. Its successes include better health, education, and community outcomes in regions like the PacificAsia, and Africa.

Australian Christian non-profits are often top fundraisers, and their work encompasses a broad field. Focused on communities, families, education, and health, these noteworthy Christian organisations work on both small and large projects to provide assistance where it’s needed.

The Christian Origin of the Red Cross

Like so many institutions, organizations, and benevolent agencies, the Red Cross had its origin in the Christian Faith. As noted below in the brief thumbnail sketch, the Christian faith of banker and businessman, Henry Dunant, was the impetus behind the compassion that has been and continues to be extended to millions around the world. The warm Christian hearts of his parents touched their own community but flowed more intensely through their son to a deeply troubled and hurting world.



PS and as for your c**p about the present govt. yep, Morrison did the wrong thing on many an occasion, but we learn from our mistakes. I would rather learn from his mistakes than be present in a political disaster created by the Greens and the ALP. If you think Albo could have done better, then you are a bigger ostrich than I first suspected. Now with respect, please buzz off.


ABE, my post was fully researched, so tell me one point on which I was wrong?

You stated, "Yeah,PlanB, ever had blood? Thank the church." 

No church in Australia provides blood, the Australian Red Cross is a secular organisation, so no connection with any church and it receives the bulk of its blood services funding from government not from any church. They are the facts. 

Yes I acknowledged that the original Red Cross was started by a Christian but so probably were many businesses around the world but that doesn't mean they have a connection to the church as you infer.

If you don't have time then don't write inaccurate garbage to try to prove a point.


IMO Mondo, there are a LOT of politicians that should face Treason and not just the ones in power now either.

There are lots of things the churches do not pay for,  the Vatican even wanted their followers to put in to help Pell FHS,  it is said if the Vatican was to give up its assets there would be no more poverty in the world, just imagine if they all gave up their assets,  that the parishioners give 10% of theirs. 





Oh and just for the record --  ABE,  no I have never had blood



@ Mondo

Your post was "fully researched" on Wikipedia???  Come on, do some real research and put up some decent links, as I did.

 Soon you'll be telling me the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul are not Christian organisations!


PlanB, not only treason, but Crimes Against Humanity.  This mob have turned this country into something that I am becoming less and less proud to be associated with.

YES, exPS you are right they mostly ALL of them --- we might have had the odd one at a time that was in it for the right reason but they are mostly in it to line their own pockets.

Abe I just Googled ,"Is the Red Cross a christian organisation", and it is not, it is a secular organisation and does not discriminate between, race, religion, politics, in Muslim countries it is called the Red Crescent.  The founder of the Red Cross in Switzerland was a christian but that is the only link  with the Red Cross these days The red cross symbol was made by reversing Switzerlands cross on it's flag.

PlanB, so good to see you back and delivering a great thread. We missed you heaps! I had no idea Sooty McShouty was steering funds to his happy clappy place of miracle making. Grrrrrr....

Scomo has got to go!

Scomo will go! He is an existential threat to the future of Australia. A ringleader who cannot visualise the future even when as far back as as 2008 and many times since, these climatic conditions and bush fires were predicted, cannot prepare the country for the future. The current thinking of the LNP is at the same stage as the 1890s transition from horses and carts to cars, 'we must protect the jobs of the wheelrights, cart and carriage makers.' We need to plan, retrain,retool and invest for the future or we be left behind by the people we once considered to be poor peasants. We can see that already in China. We have no credible climate policy, no energy policy and no industry policy because these clowns cannot even agree amongst themselves what needs to be done. We were once regarded as the lucky country, now the world is looking at us in anger and seeing us as a stupid and selfish country; is that what we want?

Thank you so much Ny19 for the welcome back.

Mondo, you are so right about Morrison being a danger --

He is also caught up in the C3 church -- see the link below, says a lot about him IMO

When you listen to the creep at the  Pentecostal church he belongs to -- it is on of a Sunday morning    and just tells everyone that the more money you give the more money you get back and this man's father was also a pedophile just as the bloke in the link below is of bad character

Let's not make the mistake of blaming just SCOMO, he has the full support of his Party.  It is the party that is rotten to the core not just him, getting rid of SOOTY will not fix the Party he belongs to.  They all have to go, maybe a Time Out will help bring them back to reality.

Agree ex PS. If they get rid of Scomo we'll probably be stuck with Gestapotato leading the same rotten Party and Coalition.

I also agree that the whole darn lot of this Scomo party are a disgrace and need to go -- when are we going to hear what punishment they have got for the dishonest and robbing things they have done -- we have NOT heard a word  -- Cash also Ley and Angus -- plus others -- they get away with bloody murder,  I heard that Angus Taylor was trying to discredit Clover Moore --(lord mayor of Sydney) because his wife was going for the position??


55 million $$$ to churches for security and initially he gave 11 million $$$ for bushfire relief (woopedoo!) before he was shamed into upping it to 2 billion. Disgusting!


...  did the Catholic Church tip in any $$$$'s??  Pope open his cheque book?

Nope, doubt it! I have been wondering about the queen and other royals. Any donations from them?

Only thing I have heard from the royals is their sympathy and concern for all affected by these fires.


Yes, I am very real and have a rather long life behind me and, unlike you and other contributors (?) to this forum, I have no need to resort to innuendo but I feel entitled to comment on matters of importance to all of us. The opinions I express are entirely my own and are arrived at after mature consideration, untainted by political leanings at all.  It is a pity that other bloggers cannot honestly make a similar claim.

As to substantiation of my remarks about the luminaries of The Australian Greens Party, I would suggest that you read the partie's manifesto and you will find that they are (collectively) implacably opposed to hazard reduction lest it disturb the habitat of some obscure strain of bell frog.  Now, before you accuse me of being a frog hater, I would just like to say that in my own scale of values, I place humans somewhat ahead of frogs.

To address your query about my views generally on matter such as "climate change", I cannot deny that the climate is changing but, in my opinion this is a natural progression of elapsed time and has been the case to some degree since time immemorial. What I take issue with is the notion that natural change is anthropogenic.  This is a view fostered and espoused by much of the uninformed, to what purpose, I don't know but it has assumed a mantle of world hysteria despite the rebuttal by some very distinguished scientists. I must concede that some equally distinguished scientists take a contrary view and they seem to get more publicity despite solid evidence for the other stance.  This contentious subject has become almost a religion and, like more common religion, it is a matter of belief.  As to your point (?) about comments from overseas media, I doubt that many of those commentators could accurately find Australia on  a world map and they are wholly unfit to comment intelligently on "our" affairs. If you picked up on the effort of Piers Morgan the other day, you will know what I mean. As to American pundits, you will never see a more insular society than the good old U S of A and any thing that doesn't actually happen in America, they know nothing about!


Hey Mondo, how 'bout those links? Waiting, waiting, waiting mate!


 ABE  Waiting for what? None of your links indicated that the Australian Red Cross Blood Service which is effectively a separate, government contracted and largely government funded entitity within the Australian Red Cross which is itself a secular organisation is attached to any church.

Lets go back to your original statement  "Yeah,PlanB, ever had blood? Thank the church." 

Neither Plan B nor I have anything to thank any church for regarding any blood I may have received in Australia which would in any case be far less than I have ever donated. I don't donate my blood to or in a church and I have never received blood from a church. I have never seen any blood transactions within a church, there is no claim on the ARC website that blood transfusions in Australia are funded by any church, they are not, not in any significant way.

The Swiss Red Cross was initiated by a Christian but during his life-time no blood service existed. The Australian Red Cross is not part of the Swiss Red Cross.

Meyers was started by a Jewish family, Westfield, TNT and Visi Packaging all by Jewish people but they are now publicly listed companies, are you suggesting we should give thanks at a synagogue when going shopping?

I would give thanks for any blood plasma to the scientists at CSL Behring, the medical staff and the health service which I would pay for via private health insurance but I have never had blood administered by a priest in hospital, even in the Marta Hospital.

I limited the links I provided to you because I thought too many may further add to your confusion and it seems your comprehension and only links relating to the Blood Bank Service of the Australian Red Cross are relevant in any case. You also said and I quote you "do not reply to me please. Have no time to waste" Its seems that's not true either, what a confused person you are.

Onya Mondo! Good to see troll Abe, the self proclaimed "scientist" cum marina with gay crew (just to appear non homophobic) on his luxurious boat, with egg on his face :)))

Oh o, he and his mates/family might hit me with a torrent of abuse now, as in the past but hey, I couldn't give a bugger :)



lolololol - ABE flown off to Hawaii to check out his "Surf Shop" business after the Xmas rush by tourists spending up big on his "Boutique Boards"?   lololololol





Geez, he just got back from London and Barbados (and probably Italy where Ray was supposed to be)...gets around that pussy! Not to worry, sister-in-law Sophie will protect him by trying to explain his nonsense in the meantime.

That should be 'mariner' above, not 'marina'. What happened to all of Sophie's comments to mondo, Foxy and me? Gone into the ether!  Oh well, back to the topic....sorry for the excursion PlanB.



... gone for good reason no doubt!!   Ray "flew in" with his usual nasty comments - also been removed!  They just can't help themselves!





Like seagulls after a chip.  Banjo should be 'flying in' any time now.

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