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[quote]A family of Iranian refugees was lucky to escape unscathed when a fire sparked by poorly installed insulation broke out in the roof of their home in Melbourne's north at the weekend.

The blaze, in Lalor, was the second within 24 hours caused by insulation installed under the federal government's botched home insulation scheme, as fire investigators say they fear another death from faulty roof insulation is inevitable as the colder months approach.[/quote]

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If Kevin Rudd, Peter Garrett and Greg Combet had half a brain they should IMMEDIATELY send an urgent news bulletin to everyone in Australia advising that they check, or have checked which type of roof insulation they have.

If it is aluminium foil, then call for immediate assistance and advice from emergency services, council building surveyor or a private building surveyor, electrician, builder,etc;

Also, every household should have an RCD, (residual current device) fitted in the meter box, as installed in new houses,,,(mandatory). This device shuts off the power in a millisecond before anyone is hurt. It is also activated by faulty appliances, even children poking metal objects into a power point.

Helpfully yours,

Gizmo the Builder.

Is the federal government still organising inspections to their botched insulation scheme?

Or having ceased their half baked scheme have they simply walked away and let the poor house owner sort out their mess?

Wouldn't it be if the householders had half a brain it would be THEY you had it checked out?

Wouldn't it be if the householders had half a brain it would be THEY you had it checked out?

I heard on the radio at the time this was all blowing up, many old ladies call in to say they couldn't afford to have an electrician come to check.

And here I'll give credit where it's due..

Dean Mighell went personally to a couple of those peoples' homes and checked them.

The last example in the story above was the home of a dear old 80 yo who by the way, happens to be a holocaust survivor.

[i]The Govt also said they were going to spend $$$millions to check all the houses[/i]!! The sounds of crickets chirping as those people wait and wait and wait.

Gizmo, if they had half a brain between'd be lonely.

However if you were gong to get work done would you not get recommendations or check their credentials I do believe that in a lot of cases we have to be responsible our selves.

Wouldn’t it be if the householders had half a brain it would be THEY you had it checked out?

In untangling what you posted -- I would hate to think what a full roof inspection would cost PlanB. Surely you cant believe everyone on a pension or low income could afford it?

Tanwin I know that it would be dearer than a lot can afford -but I still think people did rush in and let anyone do the work --without checking to see if they were fly by nights or not.

Good grief, PlanB, are you still defending the Rudd government's Insulation shambles and blaming the householders now?

You must be the only person in the country who is.

It may be time to take off your rose coloured glasses

No Tanwin--just stating the truth that sometimes if someone is getting something for nothing--so to speak they rush in--I would always check on the trademen--wouldn't you ? I never wear rose coloured glasses because I am far to cynical for that.

-but I still think people did rush in and let anyone do the work --without checking to see if they were fly by nights or not.

That is exactly what the Govt did with the scheme.

I am sure the Government can't have every tradesman checked out--surely this would be the home owners job?

PlanB, the Govt was warned time and time again of potential injury and even death. I even just heard on the radio man from the fire dept, saying they warned the govt too.

[u]Rudd ignored the warnings.[/u]

The implementation of the scheme was rushed.

It has now come out that Garrett wrote letters along the same lines.

Rudd was advised to delay the program until the bugs were ironed out of the scheme. He ignored all warnings.

The majority of people would have assumed that since it was a govt program, that the govt would have done their homework.

They didn't.

Ask the mother of the young man killed in a roof...the one interviewed on 4xCorners some weeks ago.....I don't think she thought her son was stupid for going up into the roof.

If the blame is not to be sheeted back to the Govt, why did Rudd apologise? Why did he demote Garrett?

Is it not tacit acceptance of responsibility?

I think so.

Mind you, that was only after he was shamed into it, because of that same program.

The young man that died through heat in the roof--was exploited by his employer--as at those temp' they should not have been working in the roof, any decent employer wold have cancelled till the temp's were reasonable.

I can not for the life of me see that any Govermnet could over see all those tradesmen and in most cases it was greed on the side of the bad ones.

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