More House Fires

[quote]A family of Iranian refugees was lucky to escape unscathed when a fire sparked by poorly installed insulation broke out in the roof of their home in Melbourne's north at the weekend.

The blaze, in Lalor, was the second within 24 hours caused by insulation installed under the federal government's botched home insulation scheme, as fire investigators say they fear another death from faulty roof insulation is inevitable as the colder months approach.[/quote]

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If you were to go back through the archives of the forum you'd see where I posted with links, the govt was warned..among all the other warnings....

that they were not allowing for enough training of the installers...

I was [u]in the implementation of the program that [b]Rudd[/b] failed.[/u]..not Garrett as some of us thought at the time.

It was through this failure that so many shonkies were able to slip through the very wide cracks.

It certainly doesn't excuse the shonks....but the bottom line is that the govt failed in it's duty of care.

And of course guess who was responsible for the training of these new installers of insulation - dear Julia. So she has not got any kudos from her bad handling of this training and the shocking waste of money by allowing public servants to approve cost of buildings which has turned out to be thousands of dollars above the real cost and yes in hindsight they should have given the approval to the P&C;associations who are used to carefully husbanding monies for their schools as they collect most of it by sheer hard work.

so no good saying put in Julia as she is as badly tainted as Rudd and Swann - so who do they have left to lead them to victory if they spill the leader?

Same thing with the stimulus monies Rudd didn't make sure that Centrelink paid only those pensioners and others eligible for the first cash payment who lived in Australia and they do keep separate lists for postage reasons as well as others.

Also the ATO was not instructed either to only pay the $900 to Australian residents.

This wasted millions of money - 80 million to overseas pensioners and God (and the Treasurer maybe) know the amount for non resident tax payers who came worked and left for home.

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