Moisure under watch face

I had kept a heap of silica gel sachets and read a hint recently that if you get moisure in your watch you just need to put it in a container wit hte sachets to dry it our. I put about 12 silica gel sachets (you don't need to use that many) in an old cosmetic purse with my watch that had moisture under the watch face and left it overnight and all the moisture was gone. 



Yes, a great tip, I have done the exact same thing with a watch of mine and bingo, moistures gone....

Buy a water proof watch!

Great idea but when the battery needs changing you need to pay exra to have it waterprof again.

Thanks for the great hint hyperbole  Image result for thumbs up gif

Why bother with a watch, don't you have a mobile?

I guess you do not have Smart Watch :) ???

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