Message in a bottle washes up in Hawaii 37 years later

A glass bottle containing a message that was sent from high school students in Japan has ben found on an Hawaiian island nearly 6000km away, according to a report in a Japanese newspaper.

A nine-year-old girl from Hawaii found the bottle on a rocky beach.

Inside were contact forms in Japanese, English and Portuguese explaining it was released off the coast of Choshi and asking the discoverer to contact the owner.

The Japanese high school's natural science club released the bottles into the sea in 1984 and 1985 to investigate the Kuroshio Current.

Did you ever put messages in a bottle when you were at high school? Have you ever discovered a message in a bottle at your local beach? What is the most interesting thing you have found washed up on your local beach?


I found most beautiful sea shells when I was in New Guinea ..the locals there could not understand what I was so excited about.

They are still in my display cabinet :)

Suze,  We worked for a very wealthy family here in Sydney. He said he made his fortune growing Sugar in New Guinea and paid all his workers with sea-shells off the beach.  They did all the work and he lived like royalty.  Something not quite right there. 

When we visited the Solomon Islands a few years back, shell money was still legal tender there.

It was in the late 80's when the royals Phil and Liz visited New Guinea that we were there, after which we went to the Manus Island where I got my shells and the natives helped me gather the shells with glee as I emptied clothes from my suitcases to fit my shells in.

Just checked the average cost of shells on ebay ... looks as if I am thousand dollars richer

Thanks guys :)


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