Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year, inculding Priya, Nades, Kopika and Tharunicaa.

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Such a wonderful thought auldtic. I too wish this family a happy and hopeful Christmas and pray that they see a bright future here in Australia.

If anyone wishes to see the plight of refugees in our country, have a look at the series "Stateless" on ABC. I don't think you will remain unmoved.

What we have here is someone who arrived illegally into Australia and under Australian laws should be deported. Justice is blind and whilst it may appear heartless, this family is being treated the same as any illegal immigrants.

These people are in detention because they refuse to accept that they have exhausted all legal challenges to their deportation orders. And those orders were raised because they entered Australia under false pretenses and they were judged NOT to be genuine refugees - not once but many many times. Had they returned to Sri Lanka and then reapplied in the proper manner they would likely have been allowed back well before now.

As it is this ungrateful family and their misguided supporters continue to take up court time with fruitless and inappropriate cases that the taxpayer has to foot the bill for.

There are others far more deserving of public sympathy than this couple who got caught trying to rort the system. Those who have been proven to be genuine refugees and yet still in detention camps overseas, because people like this family are taking their place for example.

I wanted to reply to KSS to say that KSS needs to get the facts straight. This government's treatment of ALL refugees is disgraceful. But, this family's detention for over 1000 days is just beyond belief. The enormous and unnecessary waste of taxpayers funds, just to further a hate campaign by certain ministers (no capital letter), is unbelievable. If only they'd been au pairs, I'm sure a minister's exemption would have been forthcoming a long time ago.

Blame the so-called 'do-gooders' who took last minute legal action even as this family was on the plane awaiting take-off.

As I said, had they returned to Sri Lanka at the beginning and reapplied for regular migration like thousands of others do every year they may have been back in Australia by now LEGALLY!

Well, Joyful56, I wonder if you are confusing genuine refugees who apply, are accepted and allowed to enter Australia legally with those who choose to come to Australia by boat, without documentation and take the place of a genuine refugee as well as taking up the time of courts and the cost to taxpayers for the cost of fighting a court case. I support genuine refugees but not illegal immigrants as does the Australian government and its Ministers.

If they had gone home then they wouldn't have been in detention for over 1000 days, they made their bed so they can lie in it.

Many of the comments are clear examples of Australian core values which are often paraded by politicians as some sort of badge of merit. Claims are often made that we are a Christian country well are we???

Absolutely agree with you auldtic, Sophie, Joyful56 and Tanker. The treatment by this country of refugees including our Biloela family is utterly disgraceful. Who are we to be holier than thou about other country's abuses without examining ours. Typical Horace Cope and KSS response. No common decency there. Maybe you both and Tood should try walking in their shoes for a while. You wouldn't survive.

But that would mean I would have to break the law The Black Fox and pass myself off as something I'm not! Something I never have and would never do.

If you choose to break the law you also have to be prepared to take the consequences. And this family have thumbed their nose at everything Australian including the law and still demand to stay.

There are many other far more deserving genuine refugees who deserve to be here. I would far rather be advocating for them than this family who has made multiple attempts through the courts at all levels to stay and have lost at every single attempt. That in itself should tell you they should just go back to their country of origin and stop playing the victim. The only victimhood they can claim is being a victim of their own dishonesty.


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