Meals on Wheels issues product recall

Meals on Wheels (SA) is undertaking an urgent product recall of frozen meals.

Routine tests have identified Listeria monocytogenes in a sample of roast lamb and vegetables prepared at the Kent Town kitchen.

Meals on Wheels is working closely with SA Health and at this stage the source of the food safety risk is yet to be verified.

When correctly heated and served, the meals in question pose minimal risk. Some of the affected meals were supplied as frozen meals, which have safe thawing and heating instructions on the meal lid and if heated correctly also pose low risk.

However, Meals on Wheels is taking the step of recalling all affected frozen meals currently with customers in South Australia that may pose a risk if not heated correctly after thawing.

The company’s hot ready-to-eat meals are not affected.

Meals on Wheels is contacting customers to request they do not consume any frozen meals they may currently have in their freezer or fridge.

“We have received no reports of illness connected to consumption of these meals,” Meals on Wheels said in a statement.

“However, we are providing information about listeriosis to customers who may have received a potentially contaminated meal and are advising any customer to seek prompt medical attention if they develop any symptoms.”


Thanks for bringing it to the Forum's attention Ben

Personally I do not partake in Meals on Wheels so it does not affect me.

But looking at the picture, they look like wholesome meals.


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