Making the world's best paper planes

Robiconda and Vivity were talking about making paper aeroplanes with their grandkids, and it gave me the idea to pop this is the grandkid's corner. Have fun making paper planes with the young'uns!

Ten of the best paper plane designs

How to make the world's best paper airplanes

Secret to making great paper planes

How to fold the world record paper plane

Let us know how you go!


Fantastic! Thanks for that Moderator. Will have fun with that next time I see the kids. 

Thank you, great to have a grandkids corner becos' many of us have grandkids plus many of us still have moments of being kids at heart.

Thanks moderator...I recently went on a cruise and there was a paper plane contest...I wont go into the details but needless to say effort was way past dismal....I am going to get some serious practice in and I should just about get the hang of it by the next 2 years time... lolol

What a coincidence cranky darling...I too went on a cruise recently....I had the most wonderful time...and thankfully there were no children on my cruise. Please do tell me about your cruise....where did you go? Did you stop off at many ports? Please let us exchange our cruise jottings!!!

Cranky, My mention of a film on here called Paper Planes Paper Led to our discussion on making them.  Lovely film for older children and seeing as both Robi and I enjoyed it too probably means it appeals to our Inner Child:) 

Never lose your Inner Child's what makes life so appealing!

It certainly does Vivity, I too saw that film and it was one of the best Australian films I have seen, The outback life portrayed in Paper Planes was an eye opener for me as I have never been to the outback, and the storyline was a great learning curve for children of all ages...

but if you could see my attempt at making a plane you would put me at the back of the class, to be totally squashed in the lineup with little kids aged 4 and up was to say the embarressment..but then they were such beaut kids that it became a standing joke for the length of our voyage....and I saw the funny side of

Having a family get together with my children their partners and 7 grandchildren and making paper planes is one of my planned activities so I had better start practicing and become a bit competently impressive :)

No good me offering my help

The planes we used to make were not as complicated as in the demonstration above and they flew well.

I would have just been happy to have my plane stay in the air for more than 2 seconds, and that was exactly how long it took to nose dive to the

They nose dive without a horizontal stabilizer


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