Making Chalk Sticks - Great for the Grandchildren

Just saw this and wanted to share as when my grandchildren are around I let them go out on the Patio and draw pictures on the bricks and then just wash it off, presume this will wash off ? Better check it first.

Something for garden grubs!
Making pavement chalk is really easy, lots of fun and the end result provides you with a brilliant excuse to get outside.
To make your chalk will need:
♥ Plaster of Paris (one cup)
♥ Water (one cup)
♥ Powdered tempera paint
♥ Disposable container
♥ Greaseproof paper
♥ Toilet rolls
♥ Masking tape
1) Get your toilet roll and tape one end with masking tape to seal it off. Line the inside of the tube with greaseproof paper.
2) Pour the water into your disposable container then sprinkle the plaster on top (generally its a 1:1 ratio but check the instructions on the packet). Start by adding 1 tablespoon of powdered paint to the mixture and give it a good stir. Add more paint if necessary.
3) Stand each tube, taped side down, on a level surface. Pour the mixture in the tube and tap lightly to get rid of any air bubbles.
4) Once the plaster has set you can remove the toilet roll and greaseproof paper. You will need to allow the chalk to dry fully for a few days before using.
TIPS: If the toilet roll tube is a little chunky for your taste then you can split the tube, overlap, then tape to reduce the diameter. You can also use different kinds of molds; ice cube trays and silicon muffin trays make good ones and don’t need lining with paper.
Once you have made your stash of chalk you can do all manner of lovely things:
♥ Play hopscotch
♥ Play bean bag toss
♥ Play noughts and crosses
♥ Draw a brilliant picture
♥ Trace around each others bodies
Remember not to pour Plaster of Paris down the plughole!
Plaster of Paris can get quite hot when setting so make sure little ones are properly supervised.


I think I'll just buy it.

Nan Norma

Your response made me laugh.....I think I might just join you.


You have lots of energy! Nice post ....I have copied it 'just in case'.


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