Major change to popular rewards card program

Flybuys has announced upcoming partnerships with Bunnings and Officeworks, boosting the value of the loyalty program for more than eight million members across the country.

Commencing in early December, Flybuys points will be able to be collected by members across the Wesfarmers and Coles Group retail businesses.

The introduction of Bunnings and Officeworks adds to the extensive list of 23 Flybuys’ partners where members can earn and redeem points including at major retailers like Coles, Liquorland, Kmart, Target and Catch.

Allowing members to start boosting their points at Bunnings and Officeworks is great timing for the start of the summer and Christmas seasons when more Australians will be purchasing gifts for Christmas or tackling DIY projects.  

With the introduction of these new partners, Flybuys points will soon be eligible to be collected on over $5.5 billion of purchases across more than 120 million transactions each month.

Do you have a Flybuys card? Do you use it every time you shop? What is the best thing you have ever redeemed with your card?


My flybuys card is set up every time I reach 2000 points I get $10 off my groceries.

As Wesfarmers & Coles are co-owners of Flybuys, it makes sense to include both Bunnings & Officeworks in the loyalty program. I support the Flybuys program & now even more so. It was, & is now further, far superior to the Woolworths Rewards loyalty system.

I decide what I want then buy it. If there is a rewards programme then that is a bonus. I shop at Aldi because they have the best prices. Chasing rewards can be expensive


you are lucky that you live close to Aldi - if you had to travel 100 km to do your groceries the shop at Aldi would not be so cheap.

Officeworks 'used to be' with flybuys, but then decided against accepting cards, now they're accepting them again.


Aldi charges for using credit cards and are not always cheapest. I seldom buy there and collect $10 off Coles groceries when Flybuys reach 2000 points, also Woolies Rewards. Well worth while. Don't forget petrol discounts too!



For petrol I use

which I find cheaper than Coles and Woolies petrol stations with their discounts.


Thanks for the info re Aldi surcharge

I did not know “ALDI charges 0.5% for a tap regardless if your card is debit or credit as tapping changes it to credit."


Tapping doesn't change the card from debit to credit.  What it does is route the transaction via the Visa or Mastercard system who charge a merchant fee.

Swiping your debit card and choosing "Savings" routes the transaction via EFTPOS with a much lower merchant fee.

I spent $67 at Aldi before Christmas.  The total fee on the transaction was 33 cents.  The $67 worth of groceries would have cost about $85-90 in Colesworth.  So I think I am way ahead.  There is nothing I can buy for 33 cents.

People continually making a big deal about this fee without knowing anything about it, or even bothering to work out if it makes sense to them for the cost saving at Aldi.  At least I had the luxury of going to school and learning basic arithmetic, so I can easily work out that saving up to $20 for a fee of 33 cents is a wise financial decision.  And yes, I could probably save a whole $10 or so a year by swiping my card.  But I don't.  Using my phone to pay is much easier than carting cards around.

Aldi has slashed my food costs by hundreds of dollars a year, and being on the pension, I sure need that.  I don't buy everything there, they either don't stock the product, or their equivalent is not to my liking.  There are some things I don't compromise on like my Dilmah tea, Meadow Lea margarine, Kikkoman soy sauce, and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, Uncle Toby's Oats, etc.  Life's too short to buy cheap and nasty rubbish.




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