I'm flying to Amsterdam then cruisng the Baltic countries. Travel agent advised to get different currency for each different country, and theres a few.

As I won't be spending much it seems a waste of money, so I thought I might just purchase euro's, and use visa.

Can anyone advise me what to do.



I cannot advise you Maggie but can say "have a most wonderful time" and let us know how it all went when you return. I am sure others who do travel will respond.

All the best


Thank you so much Phyl for your kind wishes. I'm a bit nervous and can't quite believe I'm doing it!


Good on you. Everything in life makes someone nervous and most of it is just in the mind.

Your adventure is going to be amazing and it certainly will be one of the best things you have ever done.

Enjoy the anticipation and looking frward to and the joy of it and the forever memories.

We are envious :)

Hello Margot.

Yes, I think you are better off with Euros and when wanting to buy something dear use the card.

The Aussie Dollar is good at the moment against Euros.

Best wishes and good luck on the trip.

Peter J.

not sure if Im too late with this Margot, but if you do use the cash of whatever place you are in try and learn to use the small denomination coins or paper whateever. We all grab the lrgest or middle money for convienience and you end up with a lot of small stuff that you will eventually discard. I found by taking my time with purchase and tolerance from the buyer I kept the small change down to a minimum. Once you leave the country its of no use to you at all other than a souvenier. Visa is fine but can have drawbacks on whatever the conversion charges are for transactions at the time, for some reason they seem to change Trouble is you dont know what youve been charged until you get your statement unless you make sure you have online statement set-up. Good luck have fun and watch out for the tipping.Some places add it on regardless.

I would like to thank you all for your help and advice regarding my trip, it's been very beneficial especially regarding the 'dollars' etc.


I've received very helpful replies and thanks so much.

How do I now delete the message??



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