loss of portfolio capital

I am on a part pension and have lost quite a bit of money in my investments. I have checked assets and can't alter the monetary value only numbers of units. Does Centrelink value units from time to time or do I ring them and tell them of present value? I have lost so my pension should increase to compensate. Any help would be helpful. Cheers.


Yes interested in any replies.


Are you in the same situation.

ASk Services Australia to revalue your investments. They do it twice a year but you can request them to do it any time too. 



What does this have to do with heading "Can pensioners expect a pay increase soon"? and in the article it says "in The Meeting Place we reveal the pensioners who can expect more money soon"

When I joined YLC we had one good email per day, which for me was definitely a daily read.  Now there are lots of emails per day, many not researched properly, and others that just look like "fillers".  I prefer one realy good post a day, which is well researched, relevant and accurate.



I agree 1 a day is sufficient.

Couldn't agree more. More rubbish to just try to justify their employment.

Makes me lose respect for these people.

Right on the money Tango, this article has absolutely nothing to do with pensioners getting a pension increase. As everybody knows the pension is reviewed in March and September each year according to CPI. if somebody needs information relating to Centrelink you should call or contact Centrelink directly, you don't go through a third party who probably have little or no idea of what you're talking about, thus giving you incorrect information. Jacka.

This may not help. stone age, but when we first went onto an age pension, we were told that assets such as a motor vehicle or any other assets which fluctuate would automatically be adjusted. This has never happened so I suggest you contact Centrelink to update your true asset position and I wish you good luck with that time consuming exercise.

Thanks Hoace when I have loads of time I will give it a try. Cheers.

Thanks Hoace when I have loads of time I will give it a try. Cheers.

We agree Tango. One email a day with decent information and the quizzes and puzzles. We've got to the point of scanning the headings, skipping most and going straight to the puzzles. After the  1st email of the day we just delete the rest without even looking. And this article was certainly a false heading.


Right Tango why all of a sudden several emails daily with repeats , ads & not a lot of the good info we were getting  I am wondering if i need to cancel if it getes worse I don't have the time for this ??

Not interested in overseas travel news or travel deals per se, also sick of health insurance nonsense,

Keep it relevant and stick to one e mail daily

Totally agree with you. These are the same 2 things that drive me insane. Not only incessant overseas travel promos, but travel offers that very few could consider. Like recent ads for Australian travel, $11,000 per person for 10 nights. Totally ludicrous.

As for the health insurance ads - every qoute I have ever got from their site is so much more expensive than my current one, and offer less benefits. SO sick of the ads!


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