Losing, winning, living ...


Beautiful, just beautiful!

Perhaps Nick Kyrgios could watch this and learn how decent people behave.


Both winner and loser in this match show that they are miles above him on the humanity scale.

Totally agree Alan

Kyrgios sure could learn a thing or two from decent players

... he is nothing but an embarrasment to Australia -win or loose.

Nice boy.

But being forced to rescue and console his parent who ONLY lost a tennis match?  Not fair to the adolescent at all.

No damn way in the world I'd be crying over a sports loss, or even a leg off perish the thought.

I have compassion for this player in his loss.  But his tears go way too far and adolescents should not be placed in that position of having to console and be a crutch under those circumstances.

Social sites and sentimentality.  Plainly, youth should be looking elsewhere for modelling of appropriate behaviour.  Less electronic pap, switch it off  :(

I agree with you, L.J. If a tennis game causes all that stress, is it really worth it?

Professional men's soccer would have to be the worst for emotional displays.  One wonders if it would be the same if the cameras were removed.  Cricket is building a similar reputation.  Linked to the $$?

Some at least of the theatrical displays are aimed at self-promotion?

Ffs who "forced" him??? A young boy, hugging his father, a great sight. I still have hugs from my adult sons and consider myself one of the luckiest dads. Here have a cafe latte.

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Your comprehension fails you. The comment was directed at perspective, appropriateness and modelling.

However, to respond in kind, if your coffee is cold or the froth is scary do you burst into tears and be rescued by your 'boys'?  Did you need Panadol before that flu shot and a hug from the adolescent grandchild?

What did you do when the dog died?  Granny?  Think about developing resilience, appropriateness and encouraging real compassion. 

While no reasonable parent would ever want children to wrongly internalise their emotions, they are not playing sport for sheep stations.


Image result for i'm woke now animated gif  now, thanks for that grate advice,LOL

 Hello Reagan, anyone who follows the French Open knows this wasn’t Natanel’s first time on the court, he does the same thing whether his father wins or loses. After his father won the doubles championship last year, he ran out on the court for a big hug and even did some dancing. Play the video.



That is good to know.  Nice kid :)  

Also a reminder of the false news being generated on the Net.

Thanks for that video Bijou. With kids like that you've got gold. Hava a great weekend and watch out for the meeja, they're lurking everywhere, LOL

Related image

Thanks Reagan:) We had planned to go over to Rottnest, but according to the forecast, we can expect six days of heavy rain.

It’s sunny at the moment, so I’m wondering if it was a fake weather forecast!


Hi ABE and Bijou, when my boys were 2, we sent them off to the naval academy, when 5 they joined the army and learnt to be men, real men. Now that they're older, if they ever come near me for a hug, it's off to boot camp!!!!

Sorry folks, have to laugh and admit, I am a bit of a crier myself, however I'm also good at the martial arts and can defend myself like a man!

I've always thought it pathetic to see adult athletes crying over a loss. 

If it was the last game of an illustrious career and the player was humble (which rules out a certain US female competitor). 

I was a bit choked up to see Federer's and Nadal's respect for each other post-match. What champions they are! Federer's interview where he was emotionally affected discussing his coach is another.


Just having a drink with me mates, ahead of the match.

Playing mind games with Nadal?



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Yep, think he is playing games. Probably wants Nadal to think he's suffering a hangover, hopeful Nadal won't be 100% on the ball, then the game is his, LOL.

Image result for guess what  NADAL WON !!! 

Sick and tired of Kyrgios' attitude he is a disgrace to tennis and Australia

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See what the night before booze does Nick the twit. Falling over on court not a good look, LOL

His mother should have used the wooden spoon when he was growing up. He can take a few lessons from Ash Barty on how to be professional.

Ash Barty relaxes at the net, Nick Kyrgios complains at his chair

As could Bernard Tomic.


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