Long distance grandparenting apps

Does anyone know of any log-distance grandparenting apps that make it easy to read a book, play a game etc. Desperate for ideas. Have a six-month old born premie that I have not seen yet due to COVID in different states. This is my first grandchild. All ideas welcome


Hi ekbg2002, I suppose it depends on the age of your grand kids.  For example with my 15 year old grandson I play online chess; with my 7 year old granddaughter I use the app Houseparty which has in built games.  There are a heap of apps you can download where you can play online with them, it really depends on their age.

Although I normally just use FaceTime and we both prop our iPads up and play our own style of games and reading. For example you have to think of as many words as you can starting with a particular letter or slowly rotating the iPad around the room looking at objects and playing eye spy.

I find reading a Golden Book to them and holding the book up to show any pictures in the book is good at bed time.

As I say, in my case it depends on their age but i will be interested to read any other replies you get.


Thanks I am talking first grandchild who haven't seen since born during COVID  who is six months old. So use FaceTime, but like to send morning little video, read a book, sing a song, so he knows me. Thanks

I understand as I also have a 9 month old grandson but I just use FaceTime with him.  However it requires his parents doing most of the interaction for him.

Most evenings my son will also prop the iPad up focused on the little fellow while he is fed his dinner and my wife and I entertain him with kids song, pulling faces and just talking to him.  It’s a bit difficult to do more at that age but he recognises us and smiles a lot.

its hard to do much more but at last we feel close.

Yeah, I just sang peek a boo and recorded myself feeling like a goose, and it went for 30 secs and was abe to attach to private message to my daughter to show him. But if I read a book and prerecord it, I  have to stick it up in cloud which is a pain. But thanks, so long as he knows face and voice that's all I want and he does smile and react - so that is good. I just thought there may have been an app that would save me having to put it up in the cloud all the time.

Thanks everyone



Have a look at 'Caribu' .... it has books, games, and colouring in for different age groups. There is a free version, and a paid one. I've been using the free one with my 5 and 8 year old granddaughters, and am thinking I'll upgrade. There are books for very young children as well.

Thanks Lyn


what about teenagers? just feel that they would rather talk to their friends.  but i guess that would also be the case if we could visit them 

It's tough isn't it?



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