LNP a disappointment?

Are LNP supporters as disappointed as I in Morrison's total lack in solving the many problems this country faces, since they were re-elected?

From sky rocketing cost of living, energy prices through the roof, drought stricken farmers being virtually ignored, no mention of water retention or building dams, the economy about to stall, Veteran's dire circumstances, over crowded cities, drastic cuts to immigration, homelessness and the insane Paris agreement to name but a few. I am sure readers can add to this list.

Personally I dont think there is ANY politician with the spine or intelligence to solve problems caused in the main by them, without thinking past the next election.

Swanning around the world meeting leaders with scores of photo opportunities for his retirement photo album is akin to fiddling while Rome burns, But I fear the alternative could be far worse


To all those heartbroken fans baying like hounds at the moon wishing for Shorten to make a comeback.

It aint gonna happin!!!

The people have spoken. Its time for the Labor Party to grow up and support good policy. And to stop spitting the dummy when they dont get their way.

Labor has an opportunity to show us they have what it takes to govern. 

OK, the signs are there, Labor have at least acknowledged they had some crappy policies that need tossing such as Franking Credits. They also have some which need realistic resetting, such as that 45% renewables.   


Your idea of good policy is very different from other people’s, A. 

What you think is good, some of us know to be heartless and cruel.

Trump’s values are similar to what our LNP espouses on many issues and they are not inclusive or fair,

The only difference is that our government is not likely to start a world war. 

To say I would join your team would mean throwing away values like acting on climate change and making sure people are housed and fed. 

If all the wealthy loopholes were closed there would be sufficient funds for schools and hospitals and affordable housing and the NDIS, etc. 

No, your values are not my values and never will be.

Paddo, You misread my post, I'm not asking you to join any team. 

I am interested in how you are personally "acting on climate change?"

What are you doing Paddo that the rest of us could be doing?



Paddo, the tax cuts are good policy. Albo is just stalling to show that he can be swayed by the fanatical left in his team. If Labor reaqlly think that higher taxes will grow our economy than they are just plain stupid.  

Well Adrianus if you think tax cuts will grow the economy I have to disagree, with economical headwinds coming our way any extra money will be put aside for a rainy day not spent, unfortunately I think it will not just be a rainy day but a Hurricane that is on the horizon.

OK Misty if you think a Hurricane is on its way then tie yourself to the bed posts and put your discriminatory income under the floorboards. Meanwhile the vast majority will spend the extra they get in their pay packet because that is always what happens. Gosh, we wouldnt need Compulsory Super if it werent the case.

If some more debt is cleared as a result of lowering taxes, then that's a good thing for our economy as well.

The alternative Labor method is to increase taxes, then hand back a cash stimulus to suspected Labor voters who will put it in the pokies. A high taxing socialist economy is only suitable for a country with a collective low IQ. Australia is full of people with aspiration who should be given more opportunity to take calculated risks, but they need capital which will not come from increasing taxes.

Aspirational Australians need the kind of inspiration which comes from our politicians, not in words but in their actions. 

Dream on Adrianus, there are no aspirational pollies in our govt that I can see and I follow politics closely, I just hope we will see a new breed of politicians next election who put the country first, not their jobs and their hip pocket or that of invested interests, what are the chances of that do you think Adrianus?. Oh and by the way I take exception to the bit about Labor voters playing pokies, I could say the same about high flying Lib voters snorting coke  but that wouldn't be truer either.

No aspirational pollies heh? There doesnt need to be if enough of them can recognise that desirable quality in a substantial number of voters then we are bound for glory as angry would say. Anyway, for now we have avoided the high taxes, high power bills and rising cost of living in general.

You may have  avoided high power bills but not many others have Adrianus, mine is over $1,000.00 per quarter and doesn't look like coming down any time soon. Cost of living is soaring in my country town also, I don't know what part of the country you live in but you had better keep it a secret or you will have the rest of the country wanting to moove there if things are as rosy as you say they are.

Misty, one of my many spelling mistakes. Replace "high" with "higher." My bill is also $1000 per quarter. Seems like both of us dont have solar panels? I've been waiting for the prices to drop and for all the shysters to find another occupation. What's your excuse for not doing your bit to save the planet? 

We do have Solar Panels Adrianus, 26 of them but on minus 9 mornings they don't help much.

Morrison needs to act on more than climate change -- he needs to show his so-called   "CHRISTIANITY"    and do some honest things for a change -- the deeming rates being yet another

PlanB, what are you personally doing about climate change?



What would you like Scott Morrison to do to show he is a Christian in your eyes PlanB?

As for the complaint about "deeming rates" If you care about the deeming rates it is because you have financial assets. If you wish to increase your earnings get financial advice as there are ways you can earn more and still be deemed as earning 3.25%. Whingeing doesn't help.

Adrianus,  I do quite a lot re climate change -- or as I call it trying to look after the planet ---- I do all the right things re recycling,  I do not use dangerous sprays in the garden or elsewhere and I learn to live with many spiders and other insects and such in the garden --I am also very careful in what I buy and try and buy sustainable -- 

What do you do?

Banjo,   I have a little money in the bak -- not a lot -- but we are still being deemed to get 1.75% from $1 to about $52000 and there is NO WAY KNOW you can get that for a bank and I need what little money I have to pay for medicals I need -- and I also like to be sure of what I have to be SAFE not in some place where your money is NOT safe and besides that it is downright dishonest to deem people to be getting a much higher rate than they can get.

As far as Finacial advisers --- no way am I paying any of them -- I used to work with one and NO way would I have trusted her with a cent of my money --- it was all about what she got out of it.

I am happy with staying with a bank BUT I also expect our government to be honest!

WOW! Misty "over $1000/Qtr" How on earth do you manage? Do you rob Banks? 

I had a solar system installed around April 2011 and have had one bill in  '16 for $70 and another in '18 for $49 so the system is well paid for. Mind you I use the A/C sparingly

Not yet Tanwin but who knows what will happen down the track, we have very cold winters here and quite hot summers, don't have AC but use fans and a water cooler, we have a slow combustion wood heater for psrt of the house and floor heating in another so I guess if we scrimp and save to be warm in winter and cool in summer we won't complain.

BTW Tarwin we only get a rebate of roughly $200.00 per quarter for our solar.


has anyone had to replace their solar inverter yet?    I hear they range in price from $3,000 upwards.


We have a small solar system, it probably saves us around $150 a quarter all up.  I don't know if I would bother again if we were to move house.    The rebate on solar going back to the grid has been cut significantly for new installations.  We are still getting a reasonable rebate but would lose that if we installed a new one.  It wouldn't surprise me if we were to lose it anyway in the near future.  We are now being slugged a charge just for having solar on the roof too, so changes to the rebate are probably on the cards.

We also have a solar hot water system.  That one is well worth having IMO.   We pay practically nothing for our hot water - so far.

It's like anything, the more we do to save costs (or save the planet, take your pick) the less money is available for the people supplying the particular service, and we can't have that can we, so new charges are quickly introduced to cover lost income.  It never changes, all these services are now privatised so there has to be a profit, and not just a profit, it has to be a growing profit, budgets are set higher each year. 

It's just the way the cookie crumbles these days.  That's how business works.

Unfortunately you are right Leonie.


I've never heard of a charge for having solar on the roof ??

Who is charging you for that ?

Suze, I assume it's some sort of levy. 

It's 6.34c a day and is listed on our bill as a 'solar meter charge', along with the supply charge etc. 

Seriously, you have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand the bill at times, a list of charges as long as your arm and then another list of discounts.  I gave up some time ago and just let Hubby handle it, stuck it in the 'too hard' basket, but as I understand it, it is a charge on the distributor that is passed on to the consumer.

They make it hard to understand on purpose. We are the bunnies.....! ...the dummies!......and they depend on that.

I assume Misty the $200 rebate you speak of includes State Gov concession, Pay on time discount and includes your Feed in Tariff and you still pay 'over $1000/Qtr? YIKES!

I'm with AGL and get $0.60/Kwh FiT and get slugged a 'Supply charge' of 0.83c/day

the levy is because there has been such a huge takeup of solar that the energy companies are losing revenue so they decided on a levy...so they get you in the end 

No Tanwin that rebate is solar only, I always pay well before time so that and State Govt Conc are seperate.

I am worried about this Morrison mob leading us. Are they going to lead us into a war with Iran? Is this a repeat of Iraq? They are calling Iranians “terrorists” and the USA is talking about forming “coalitions” (against terrorism). Where is this Coalition government leading us? 

If the Iranians keep targeting our oil supply making everything grind to a halt because we dont have enough stock it will be only a matter of time before the bullets start flying

:-) I hazard a prediction.

There will be no open war with Iran.

At worst a few shots may be traded.

Israel may try to keep out of that hoping the US can provide sufficient huff and puff but they will not wait long to ensure there is no immediate nuclear capability. No country on earth can invade and contain Iran short of nukeing the entire place and that will not happen. There appears to be a fair degree of quiet dissatisfaction with lifestyle constraints with in the Iranian population and actors should remain careful not to galvanise the population in such a way that this is overlooked. With high curtailment of the capacity for the types of lifestyles and liberties they are well aware of a belated Iranian Spring is not an impossibility.   

I am also worried about Morrison AND Trump -- and war -- they are all nut cases

Returning to the OP, is there a country with better entitlements and treatment for veterans and their families than Australia?

Maybe consider reducing Dept Veterans' Affairs management overheads and the funds expended on commemoration.  Taking the most obvious way of saving funds to release more share of the cake for ex-service, how might DVA defend its top heavy structure that is crowded with middle- and senior management?  It IS a precedent-driven department and there are NO issues that require that crowded, top-heavy middle and senior management structure.  That is the opposite of the flatter structures that modern organisations should be aiming for. Does it even have any junior clerical staff and why is it not possible for junior staff to do the lion's share of the work as was previously the case?  


Moving on, what the silent Australians want from government is cooperation among the levels of government, federal, State and local, to solve those 'wicked' problems that bedevil Australia, especially Australian farmers and have caused population drift to the capitals.  The electorate is fed up with negative politicians chasing headlines and personal ambition, Bill Shorten was one such, and activists overblowing the demands of minorities.  

What is needed is immediate attention to energy, water and roads/rail.  Big projects that need federal, State and local government leaders to put aside political and territorial squabbling and to commit to long-range planning and action.

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen LJ, water has been a problem in our country since whenever and looks like continuing, and don't get me started on infrastructure,  where are the new dams, hospitals, schools and roads to cope with our growing population?. After the revelations on Sky News and print media about the turmoil in the Liberal Party there is no way anyone is going to believe they are a united party, tensions are simmering just below the surface, I believe that the reason Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne left the party was because they could no longer work with people they looked on as traitors, that 2 part story about Malcom Turnbulls downfall was an eyeopener about what went on and the bitterness it has left amongst some members of the Liberal Party. They may say they are united but some of this bitterness runs too deep and who knows what will happen in the future.

"Is there a country with better entitlements and treatment for veterans and their families than Australia"

I think there must be when one looks at the staggering number of our vets suiciding and screaming out for help that fall on deaf ears of the DVA

Veteran suicide prevention [click for link]

Firstly, the DVA need to find out who the Vets are, before claiming any bragging rights to more favourable statistical reports.

Firstly, the DVA need to find out who the Vets are, before claiming any bragging rights to more favourable statistical reports.



Quote from OP: Are LNP supporters as disappointed as I in Morrison's total lack in solving the many problems this country faces, since they were re-elected?

What an incredibly naïve statement..the new government is but a few weeks old.. any plan be it political or ordinary business needs time. There are steps to follow when you’re in charge of a country or business..you’re not talking about the morning after pill.

Neither Morrison nor Shorten (had he succeeded) has a magic wand. Were you exposed to too many Enid Blyton books as a youngster?

I am certainly “not disappointed” because I am realistic and I know what a Strategic Plan looks like, do you? Here, study this and throw away your little wishbone.



Image result for strategic planning for governments

"Naive statement .... and the new government is but a few weeks old" Oh really?

Only someone with a very short memory could offer that feeble statement.

Morrison became leader last August and before that he was Treasurer and as such a major voice in forming policy. Wishbone? I only wish Morrison would get off his arse and actually DO SOMETHING for the betterment of Australians rather than swan around overseas


Our PM is great and a diplomat. He takes selfies and greets leaders in their own language,

Image result for scott morrison selfie with modi

Everyone has forgotten the obstructive Senate.

for goodness sake the first sitting of Parliament has not taken place yet...how on earth can people say Morrison is not doing enough...he is doing his best to get the tax through that he went to the election on and Labor are saying he did not have a mandate...but I bet they would have thought they had the mandate to do all the things they campaigned on if they had won.


give the goverment a chance to prove [email protected]

Time will tell how well they will cope with the difficulties ahead, certainly they are still very much a divided party, no matter how much they deny it, the 2 part documentary. Old Blood, New Blood certainly proved that.

Labor have moved from a position of blocking the tax cuts and pinning the broken promise tag on the LNP, to a position of lets get the tax cuts in yesterday with no phasing in over outer years. LOL so funny. 

Yet another journalist  tale which he made up.... I prefer to watch 'Bold and Beautiful'

I suppose in a way Labor is glad they are not the ones who have to cope with the looming financial problems for our country, and others,  if the predictions come true. Climate Change looks like it will be on the agenda again too after the record temperatures in Europe this week, highest ever recorded.

our PM is being lauded for his stance on getting all at the G20 to stand with him re terrorism reporting on social media....good on him!!  Everyone now knows on the world stage who Scott Morrison is!  Could not see Shorten or Turnbull getting this outcome.

"Scott Morrison has put tech companies on notice that if they don't come up to scratch on stopping the spread of terrorist material, he'll be coming for them.

A staged terrorist event will test how well social media platforms in Australia manage to stop the spread of violent extremist material.

And Prime Minister Scott Morrison has put them on notice that if they don't come up to scratch, he'll be coming for them."

Just exactly can Scott Morrison do to stop them?, unless laws are changed so peop;e and companies can be charged if they bre ak them nothing will change and these laws would have to operate in every country otherwise what is the point?.

One of the really big issues being discussed at the G20, and hopefully to the point of some kind of conclusion, is the OECD's global minimum tax proposal. Designed to minimise income shifting and  double non taxation. Our LNP government and ATO are at the coal face on this. I couldnt see Shorten and Bowen offering anything to get a result other than their continual whining about the matter.  

Insert the word "what" between the words can and Scott in the comment above to read correctly.

Further to my original post. Interesting topic this morning on 2Gb with Steve Price, who is usually Federal Liberal govt friendly, discussing a Morrison election promise that energy prices are coming down when in fact several angry callers phoned in to say they have received letters from their energy providers electricity and gas are GOING UP from today.

So can we expect energy prices under this 'disappointing' govt to come down next week, next month or next year? My guess it was an election porky and prices will continue to rise while this buffoon swans around the world shaking hands and probably talking more bullshit to anyone willing to listen -- Problem is the other mob dont have the answers either

People are being admitted to hospital suffering from hypothermia because they are afraid to turn on any heating. Is this the best our politicians from both sides can do? DISGRACEFUL!

....expect more bill hikes (and outages)  as we head towards only using "renewables"...have to wear your outdoor clothing inside..understand Liddell power station is to close in 2022...wonder what will replace it?

great news ..it appears the Government has got Jacquie Lambie on side and the tax changes will go through...great news for all taxpayers.

yes, great news for everyone.

Comes with a Jacqui Lambie proviso, "wipe a $157 million Tasmanian debt to the Commonwealth for social housing" in return for the support. 


..that is how things work in Parliament...happens all the time

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