LNP a disappointment?

Are LNP supporters as disappointed as I in Morrison's total lack in solving the many problems this country faces, since they were re-elected?

From sky rocketing cost of living, energy prices through the roof, drought stricken farmers being virtually ignored, no mention of water retention or building dams, the economy about to stall, Veteran's dire circumstances, over crowded cities, drastic cuts to immigration, homelessness and the insane Paris agreement to name but a few. I am sure readers can add to this list.

Personally I dont think there is ANY politician with the spine or intelligence to solve problems caused in the main by them, without thinking past the next election.

Swanning around the world meeting leaders with scores of photo opportunities for his retirement photo album is akin to fiddling while Rome burns, But I fear the alternative could be far worse


The originator of this discussion has assumed our governments want to improve the nation for our benefit.

They don't. They are there to look out for themselves and the interests of their major financial backers, not you and I.

Our governments are owned by the elite, not you and I.


sky rocketing cost of living,

energy prices through the roof,

drought stricken farmers being virtually ignored,

water retention or building dams,

the economy about to stall,

Veteran's dire circumstances,

over crowded cities,

drastic cuts to immigration,


the insane Paris agreement

to name but a few.

The issues you have listed, and I realise the list could be a whole lot bigger, have much in common. They are not the more pressing issues which have been solved. I will admit the LNP stalled while Malcolm Turnbull enjoyed being leader and that was frustrating but they appear to be back on track. The electorate gave Morrison a thumbs up based on his ability to get the job done on his past performance. 

Adrianus, they are back on track fooling you and rorting the system. Wake up.

Actually in Qld Palmer and Pauline and Murdoch helped put LNP back.

Every person who came to vote at the prepolls in one electorate believed everyone was losing their franking credits, that included people who had none, lol.

Insane Paris agreement???!!! Adrianus, you are  a ******. Use evidence not opinion to discover whether climate change is real.

jackie, he cant wake up or be convinced. Pearls and swine come to mind.


I think Jackie and Paddo have a comprehension shortfall? That is not my list! It is a copy of Tanwin's list above which I attempted to refute in some way. So cool your heels and put those six shooters back in their holsters partners. 

It is hard to accuse a government that promised nothing of delivering nothing. How do you hold accountable a promise nothing intends to deliver nothing "government" - can't imagine anyone voting for such a nonsense, but some did.

Perhaps we should ask those do nothing voters?

Lookfar, wake up and smell the roses. You have been stopped and so have the majority of voters. Get out of Lib/Lab land and support AJP. Animals are kinder than people.

I voted for the Animals -- 

Because the others were not worth wasting ink on -- totaly hopeless the lot of of them -- and this Adani -- what a country wrecker that will be,  and NOT one game enough to stand up against it -- utter disgrace!

I dont mind the Animals but I preferred the Easy beats back then.

Adrianus, thanks for listing many of the problems the Govt has no idea nor intention on how to solve, not that I would consider the non-binding Paris agreement as a part of that list, but all the rest of the list are definitely part of the ineptness of the Liberal Govt of their last two terms, - just what do you expect them to do? - After all they are your mates, I expect you voted for them, - Now what?

And do you believe Bill Shorten would have done any better?

Most likely he would have put the nation in more debt by handing out money to people who never earned a cent. Think about the pink bats!

B5YCK, at least Shorten would have shared some of the spoils with the poo.

ScoMo won’t and will leave the country in further debt.

THINK the GFC and the great thing that Rudd did -- we would have been in very deep doo doo -- like we are heading for NOW 

The pink bats was not the Governments fault -- it was caused by people not checking out the crooked tradesmen.

All voters have been manipulated via social media. Because people are too lazy to check facts, which allows those people with money to pay for misleading adverts and news stories. Adani and Clive Palmer are perfect examples. Clive Palmer spending $60 million without winning a seat seems stupid but in the context of a mining operation, it's chicken feed. Palmer wanted to ensure an LNP win so that Adani would go ahead because his next project is next to Adani; if they get approved so will his project.

Got it right there Hobbit --   that the ONLY reason the Libs got in -- 

Australia must br full of very stupid people if they voted according to what Clive Palmer had to say in his ads, either that or they are just not interested in politics or too lazy to check the facts themselves.  Some people even did not know there was an election on or who the candidates were, how terrible is that, sad really isn't it, makes you wonder what the future holds for our grandchildren.

It is hard to comment on our LNP government when they are missing in action, eg no action. Scott Morrison is abroad on holidays and parliament has not been sitting since the 19th May. No chance of passing the tax cut for lower and middle income earners before Ju;ly 1. I listened to the budget speech which they claim is their policies for going forward and I cannot see how they can possibly get a surplus next year on what they are saying they will do.  All I can gather from that is severe cuts to social services, which I don't agree with, extending the cashless card, which I also don't agree with, and tax cuts and levelling the tax rate for high income earners projected to happen 5 years into the future, which I also don't agree with. As you can see, I think our government for the next 3 years is a total f**kup.

I think the Cashless Welfare card should be extended to our politicians. Many blow their money on alcohol, women and other non necessities.

Parliament should run at a 38 hour working week just like any other business. Politicians should only have the same holidays, sick pay and other leave just like the rest of the workers.

Golden Oldie -- you are dead right they are a total f***up!

God help us is all I can say!


DArn right they are and have NFI and lie like hell 

Be glad very glad the ALP did not get in. Bill could never be accused of lacking vision for the country, trouble is he forgot to take off his rose coloured specs and his nose got longer in the process


Image result for political cartoons 2019 of bill shorten

At least he had vision for ther future, not like this mob who are sending us into a recession and more unemployment and no idea how to fix things.

Vision without action is just an illusion.

You can't have action if you are not in government Sophie.

John Setka's membership of the Australian Labor Party has been suspended until a Labor meeting  on July 5.Telstra shedding 10,000 jobs and NSW Govt 2,500 Public Servant jobs are going to make a hole in their job numbers won't it. I cannot see the tax cuts improving the economy, any extra money will be put under the bed I expect, especially if the rconomioc headwinds forecast become true.

I am looking forward to the 2 part story on the Coalition govt starting nerxt week, it will be an eye opener I expect, all about the key players in the bringing down of Malcolm Turnbull.

I wouldn't be too sure either about the govt not changing Negative Gearing and Franking Credits as apparently they are doing a review into retirees income, apparently a lot of people are jumping on the FC bandwagon after all the publicity before the election, also a petion organiser on change.org wrote to the govt and asked if they were going to increase the pension and New Start Allowance and he received a reply. "No" so nothing to look forward to there either.

It is ridiculous to call the LNP a disappointment just one month after the election, when they promised nothing other than tax cuts for all, with massive ones for the rich! They are working hard at that, with a good chance of it getting through - as all politicians (as they get over $200K, $207,100 Base Salary for backbenchers / bludgers) will get the maximum $11,600 tax cuts from 2024! Does anyone seriously think politicians even in the Senate will pass that up? After all, the PEOPLE (ncluding Retirees) voted these people back in, so bear the consequences!

What else will they actually do? With several nasty destabilising characters having left, I certainly hope (key word) Morrison gets some guts and works harder for the people. No indications yet, just a hope. If anyone doesn't like it, all we can do is to write some nasty little notes to your local MP / Morrison reminding them about that little flag (pin) which Morrison expects all in his team to wear on their lapels to remind them they are to work for the people - that's right, us!

Of course, the Aussies rejected the other mob wisely with their extremist policies, just didn't figure out how to get rid of the Libs as well! The preferential voting system proved too hard for the majority of the people.

Democracy is problematic for unreasoning bigots who allow others to do the thinking for them. 

If 'their' side wins, they are forced to defend mistakes, incompetence and even abuse of entitlements.  That must be psychologically uncomfortable, to say the least.

It is better for them where the 'other', hated (but of course!) side wins.  -That gives them the leeway to rationalise the consequences of their own poor life decisions as somehow being the fault of the forever blameworthy 'other' side holding the reins of government.

Some may never accept the democratic decision, blaming the 'naive', 'stupid'(sic) voters for getting it wrong. As hard as it is to believe, there are Australians who implacably refuse to accept that Trump is the duly elected US President.

What is really objectionable though is the unconscionable behaviour of the (largely tabloid) media that makes, rather than reports, the 'news' and has a vested interest in scandal and sensationalism.

The media are never going to change, their way or the highway, that is their livilehood isn't it, to be sensasionalist?.

Morrison and his Wife are swanning around in their own importance not giving 2 hoots about the county he is SUPPOSED to be looking after.

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