LNP a disappointment?

Are LNP supporters as disappointed as I in Morrison's total lack in solving the many problems this country faces, since they were re-elected?

From sky rocketing cost of living, energy prices through the roof, drought stricken farmers being virtually ignored, no mention of water retention or building dams, the economy about to stall, Veteran's dire circumstances, over crowded cities, drastic cuts to immigration, homelessness and the insane Paris agreement to name but a few. I am sure readers can add to this list.

Personally I dont think there is ANY politician with the spine or intelligence to solve problems caused in the main by them, without thinking past the next election.

Swanning around the world meeting leaders with scores of photo opportunities for his retirement photo album is akin to fiddling while Rome burns, But I fear the alternative could be far worse

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Read a bit more? Oh really?

The least inept Morrison could do is refund the fuel costs of the drivers carting in stock feed, water and household supplies to farmers from the DONATING public while this fool has sat on his pudgy hands doing buggerall having a holiday

So $5M will make it rain? Its BS and waffle that pollies of all persuasions do, throw money at a problem and hope it will go away

Now he looks like dragging us into a war kissing Donald's bum

Tanker, I may be misreading your post, but you claim.."having carried through the tax cuts to those who don't need the money." It just raises a question in my mind. How many workers do you know who dont need their wage? You dont seem to understand that these people go to work and rightfully earn their paypacket. As many as 60% of them have their paypacket  as their number one reason for doing their job. And you form the opinion that they dont need their pay????  

I would have thought it would be much higher then 60% Adrianus, more like 90%, I know there are a few, especially older Australians with their own business, who work because they love what they do but don't necessarily need the money.

So Tanwin thinks that eight weeks after the election all of the problems in the world should have been sold. 



Not at all Sceptic. Remember Morrison was treasurer in the previous govt and would have had a strong voice in forming policies then and what policies (if any) they would take to the election.

I repeat (for late comers) this fool has done bugger-all since being re-elected. Apart from tax cuts this imbecile has swanned around the world pissing on those of us who voted for the LNP merely to keep Shorten out of the Lodge

Well that was a big mistake then wasn't it Tanwin, so you can't complain that things haven't turned out the way you want them too.

Aviator, where are you? Watch out you've got competition, LOL

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No competition Reagan but he scored an invitation to a state dinner with Trump and I didn't! Our American ties are getting stronger.


Aviator, I hear they're serving up some kanga steaks!

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Sceptic, they have had six plus years not a few weeks. They are still as divided as ever. A PM who prays and sways for love is not very impressive. Show us the love instead! Fix the NDIS, lower gas prices, get the infrastructure underway to address the economy, aim the money at those who will spend it, not the top end of town. Get the loopholes for the top end of town all closed as they cost more than all the welfare and NDIS added up. Address climate change. Get to work!

Yes Paddington, now they are didvided over the First Nation's People's place in the Constitution.

I agree Paddington. Lowering power and gas prices and severely cutting immigration would be a good place to start

This country is going backwards while Morrison is Trump dog's wagging tail

Listen to talkback radio and hear the public anger and disappointment. Surely they cant all be Labor voters LOL

YES, they are all Labor LOL


I love you Donald

I love you too Scott, you're doing a fine job down under

US President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison share some quiet words in Osaka last month. Picture: Getty Images


Wonder if a miracle will happen and our PM will grow more Hair ?

LOL Suze, if not ... there's always the comb over.

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Ouch.  What would Kahaml say?

Maybe a transplant from a beaver?

If I may return briefly to the topic. It seems the LNP is still NOT listening or observing and I dare not mention forward planning especially after Frydenberg said their 'policy settings are right'. Oh really?

With the spluttering economy about to stall, has SLO-MO returned from taking his holiday photos yet? It would be nice for him and his under achieving party who call themselves financial wizards to show some interest in running this country before its too late

Drought stricken farmers are now protest marching, with threats of more to come. These over-paid do-little members of the LNP should remove their blinkers and see the high number of businesses closing and small country towns dying. Along with economic growth the lowest in 10 years, stagnant wages, power costs NOT getting lower as promised, fuel costs are going up again, deeming rates, the homeless, Vets ignored and continued foreign ownership etc etc adnauseum

Can the LNP get anything done and get it right?

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