Lleyton Hewitt to come out of retirement

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In an unexpected turn of events, Australian Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt is coming out of retirement to represent Australia against America at Kooyong on Friday. Hewitt has been named this morning for the squad and if he does play, will become the first playing captain for Australia since Sir Norman Brookes.

Hewitt replaced Nick Kyrgios who has pulled out of the team after medical staff deemed he was not fit enough to play due to suffering a virus that has left him with swelling, ulcers and lethargy.

Are you excited to see Hewitt play one last match for Australia? 


Yes Drew, VERY excited to see Lleyton play Competition Tennis again and most especially 'The Davis Cup'.

Then.....the Footy starts.   yippee carn Image result for Swans Emblem

Yes all this boring sport on TV thank God I have a recorder.


I thought Hewitt retired just a week or so ago?

Poor old Lleyton, I suppose he has to keep his mind occupied with something. Couldn't imagine him mowing the lawn or gardening. He has had more farewells than Dame Nellie Melba, but I'll wish him good luck anyway. !!

Yes I think it is great that we have someone like Leyton to take on this role.

Good for him and may our team do really well.

We would be down the 'gurgler' if he was not prepared to come out of retirement and represent Australia. Good onya Lleyton.

I also sure hope 'our team' win Troubadour. 

Come on against USA today Sam. On tele. now. 

He must be finding it hard to find a suitable place other than a tennis court to give an absurd "salute" like his.

Nearly 11am. Come on Aussies. Good luck Bernard.

Fingers  crossed, Lleyton does play and wins. Wouldn't it be l.o.v.e.r.l.y.

God give him strength after a compelling doubles yesterday though, just hope he rested well last night.

SO exciting :)

Hope the Aussies go well.  Aussie,Aussie,Aussie, Oui,Oui,Oui.  :) :):) These men are machines, I don't know how they can keep on slogging.


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