Lleyton Hewitt announces his retirement

In a fitting end to a gutsy career, Lleyton Hewitt last night announced his retirement from professional tennis, after a straight-sets loss to David Ferrer at the Australian Open – the event in which he made his debut as a 15-year-old in 1997.

What was your favourite Lleyton Hewitt career moment? Do you have any advice for Lleyton now that he's retired?



Yes. No more forehead salutes, please.

Or starting the lawnmower. Thank you Lleyton, good luck in your future endeavours.

Yes, mind your language in front of your children for goodness sakes!

Lleyton Hewitt has always been an incredible tennis player with his gutsy performances whether he is losing or winning.  He has always put 110% into every game he has played and I wish him all the best for his future. 


A report on his last match contained the following,  from ABC

"As the match slipped from his grasp in the third set, Hewitt unleashed a verbal spray towards officials and a series of foot faults left the retiring Australian fuming and seeking to have a linesman withdrawn.

Hewitt asked the chair umpire Pascal Maria to get rid of the "moron" linesman, after calling him a "f***ing cheat" following a series of foot-fault calls against him.

In a heated confrontation at a change of ends, Hewitt unloaded on the chair umpire Maria.

"You're a friggin' idiot," Hewitt said.

"That's why everyone in the locker room thinks you're so full of yourself."

I prefer to see a good sports person not an abusive one.

So far up himself you can hardly see his little tennis shoes.



 -  it has always fascinated me how people who have relatively little or NO achievements in their own lives whatsoever - can always manage to "dig up"  some kind of "media rubbish" on people who HAVE achieved "greatness"  and "professionalism"  for many years?

 Many -  many "sportsmen/women" in all facets of sports ....have had mega "dummy spits" throughout their successful career's ...and Leyton Hewitt is no different than the rest!

He left - last night -  in the most professional - professional way! -  (must have hurt?)  after 20 years ....and the crowd cheered and cheered -  and loved him! Plus his 3 gorgeous kids and wife were there to support him til the end!  He is one of Australia's "greats" in sport!

Compare Lley-Lley to Federer as a gentleman-sportsman tennis player. Do you get the loudmouth, foul mouth, arrogant stunts from R.F.? No, you do not, and that is what separates a sportsperson from an unsporting "player". There IS a difference

He's another McEnroe by a different nationality.



Nah -  with Federer you just get the "whimpy tears" when he comes 2nd! lol lol ......McEnroe "spat the dummy"  multiple times?  They have all had their "disputes" ........


Good on you lad, you worked hard, invest wisely and enjoy life. Take no notice of the tall poppy cut downs.


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