LIVE .. The Melbourne Collins Street Falcons 2021

It's that time of year again ... and the falcons are on the nest. Hope we enjoy their daily journey as many on here have done in the past.


A magnitude 5.9 earthquake startled the residents of Melbourne on Wednesday morning - including one rare peregrine falcon shaken from a nest full of eggs. A live video stream of the nest, tucked into a ledge on an office building in the city's central business district, caught the moment the trembles struck, causing the spooked falcon to leap from its nest to the edge of the building, and then dive off it with a squawk.

Must have been very frightening for the birds

We need Foxy to start a running bird commentary. Isn't she back from the arctic circle yet?

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Have anything to say about the falcons???



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The Peregrine falcons have started hatching.


RnR - Would this be the same Falcon from last year? They say that birds return to the same spot. 


RnR - Would this be the same Falcon from last year?

I believe so Hola.

I saw them on the news last night :)

Mealtime Sunday morning 3 October 2021 ...

Just checked in live ... settling in after returning to nest as I watched.

Little bundles of fluff ...

Thanks RnR :)

There is 3 hatchlings ???

Also can you please be kind enough and add the year to the topic above.

Also can you please be kind enough and add the year to the topic above.

√√ Done LOL.

Not sure about how many hatchlings,

Wednesday 2pm

Mum called in for a little while and there seems to be 3 bubs

Yay!!! 5.30 pm early dinner ?? with daylight saving